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Get to Know NNU

If you just started learning the college enrollment process with your child, we are happy to offer this website to you as a resource for learning more about financial aid, the value of an education at NNU and how to visit our 88-acre campus.

Parents of Future Students


As you and your student begin the college search, you may be wondering where to even begin. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a variety of resources to help you as you come alongside to help your student find a university that is perfect for him or her.


Start here:

  1. Take a minute to Breathe--regardless on where your student wants to end up, this checklist will help keep you on track during the college search process.
  2. Spend some time exploring the website. For many, NNU is a great fit! Here’s Why:

  3. Apply for admission--completing an application doesn’t commit you to a specific college; it just keeps that door open as a possibility. Besides, it’s free so you have nothing to lose!
  4. Complete your FAFSA --Although you do not need to complete a separate application for financial aid at NNU (your admission application doubles as your financial aid application), we encourage you to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to ensure you receive the maximum financial support for which you are qualified. 99% of NNU students qualify for some level of financial support and 1 in 4 graduate with no debt
  5. Schedule a visit--Only way to truly get a feel for what a university is like. At NNU, we say it's the difference between wondering what it’s like and knowing you belong.
  6. Live into your new role--Celebrate with your student as they confidently begin their college journey and you are officially promoted to “current” college student parent.


We can’t wait to welcome you and your student to the Nighthawks family!

Parents of Current Students


You’ve always been in a position to direct, protect and encourage your student throughout life’s journey, but now as they have headed off to college you’re not sure what your new role is. We want to help you transition to your new role as your child’s guide so they can continue to receive the support they’ve always depended on, empowering them to stretch their wings and begin to build their own pathway to success.


It means a lot that you have entrusted them to NNU for part of their journey, and we do not take that lightly. We are committed to walking alongside you as together we encourage and challenge your student to grow into the person God is calling them to be.


Based on what we are hearing from students, there are three key ways you can continue to play a significant role in their college journey:

  1. Embrace this new stage --This is a significant time in both yours and your child’s life as they explore and grow into adulthood. Know that you are not alone in the joy, grief, confusion and celebration--and everything in between--that comes along with it. There are many other parents who have and/or continue to walk this journey who can shed light on what to expect and how best to embrace this new stage.
  2. Educate yourself --let’s face it! Your role as a parent never ends. Your student will still need guidance along the way--and when they don’t know where to turn, they will do like they always have and will turn to you. This list of quick links will help you continue to be the hero for your child in their time of need!
  3. Encourage Your Student --Nothing helps the motivation like knowing that you’ve got someone in your corner. Send your student a note, special treat or even pop in to campus for a quick visit or one of our special family events.


Still have questions?....Contact Kelly Covington in the Office of Student Life.