The value of co-curricular activities

January 31, 2017

While the importance of an in-classroom education cannot be overstated, don’t underestimate the education and value received through outside-the-classroom experiences—specifically co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities complement and are extensions of formal learning experiences (unlike extracurricular activities, which are considered to be unrelated to formal academics). A college education can include much more than lectures and books, labs and projects. Being involved in co-curricular activities allows students to pursue their interests in a community that shares the same passion for those interests.

Student Organization Coordinator Alexandra Zickefoose (‘17) explains, “NNU supports co-curricular activities because of their transforming work in NNU students outside the classroom. Clubs uphold NNU's core values by creating pockets of community on and off campus for the student body. They also seek intellectual and spiritual truth in creative ways. Student organizations serve both our campus community as well as the Boise Valley.”

Because NNU believes in the value of learning in community, we offer 30 clubs to students as well as the opportunity to establish new clubs. These activities are outlets for students to gain experience in their field of study, serve the community, explore the area or simply enjoy hobbies. Here are five clubs that highlight the spectrum of options NNU offers that you might be interested in.

Angels Club

Angels Club is ideal for individuals who want to serve the Nampa community as its mission is “to build relationships and show the love of Christ with those who are residents of assisted living homes by playing Bingo once a week per home.” Visiting R & V Shelter Home and Powerline Residential Care each week, students are able to develop impactful relationships with residents and other club members. Besides their weekly visit, the club takes the residents to an NNU sporting event twice a semester and helps celebrate holidays and birthdays by giving gifts to residents.


Entrepreneurial Action Us (ENACTUS) is one of several clubs that allow students to utilize the skills they learn in the classroom and to connect with business professionals. This club challenges students “to improve and empower our communities in a sustainable way using entrepreneurial action.” Consequently, members find creative ways to benefit their community through entrepreneurship. These projects are then judged in local, national and international competitions to see which are the most impactful socially, environmentally and economically.

Journeys Outfitting Co.

As stated in its mission, Journeys Outfitting Co. is committed “to planning adventures, from multi-day trips to afternoon excursions, which will get students outdoors, doing the most exciting things that our state and neighboring states have to offer.” In addition to coordinating and facilitating outdoor recreational trips, Journeys has a growing assortment of rental gear and a bike repair shop. So whether students want to plan their own adventure or have it planned for them, this club can help!

Swing Club

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance? On Friday evenings, Swing Club gathers to practice, teach and enjoy east coast swing and country swing dance. Regardless of your experience or skill level, this club will get you fluent on the dance floor in no time. Participating in Swing Club is the perfect way to relax after a long week of classes, and bringing a partner isn’t required!

Worship Ministries

If you want to grow and gain experience in worship ministries, NNU offers a club perfect for you! Worship Ministries Club equips, encourages and engages students as worship leaders. To accomplish this, the club provides instruments and art equipment, pays admission fees for workshops and conferences, and connects students with opportunities to lead worship. This semester there will be even more opportunities to gain experience through worship events coordinated by the club.

“Co-curricular activities catalyze community,” Alexandra reiterates. “I first met upperclassmen and people around NNU through club events. I've also been a part of the process of seeing the opportunities on our community become more accessible to my peers by connecting us through starting a club. This year, I have been blown away by the variety of activities students participate in on our campus.

“I've also loved watching ideas and passions be realized through the forming of new student organizations. I love when people find each other, and that is my hope for NNU's student body and student organizations on into the future. I hope people find those who are similarly passionate as NNU continues to make a lasting impact through its student leaders and organizations!”

With such busy schedules, students often don’t make time for co-curricular activities; however, don’t underestimate the value of these opportunities. These five clubs are just a sample of those offered and the experience, community and enjoyment they can bring.

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Photo provided by Journeys Outfitting Co. // Ross Yarrow