The NNU experience transcends curriculum

February 29, 2016

Just as the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20. The future is typically more muddled. However, once Ben Gangwer (Nampa, ID) switched schools and began attending Northwest Nazarene University, his path ahead also became crystal clear.

After spending a year of ups-and-downs at Boise State University, Ben decided to continue his education at NNU. He made this decision because he felt he wasn’t working towards his goals where he was. After initially being discouraged by the cost, Ben took the time to take a deeper look at the possibility of becoming a Crusader.

“I felt like my academic and spiritual goals weren't going to be met if I stayed at BSU.” Ben continues, “NNU was always the school I wanted to attend, but the cost was a major issue. When I transferred, I received more help than I was expecting and ended up being able to afford it.”

Now a senior planning to graduate in May, Ben has never looked back. He knew that NNU was where he belonged. Reflecting back, Ben commented, “I think transferring schools was difficult. While the academic atmosphere at BSU wasn't my favorite, I did and still do have many of my closest friends there and it was intimidating to leave that behind. Luckily, the NNU community welcomed me with open arms and has become like a home to me.”

Ben’s time at NNU has been an overwhelmingly positive one, which he credits to the learning environment cultured by staff and faculty. “I feel like my aspirations are respected and supported by EVERY staff and faculty member. Anything I need help with is within arm’s reach at NNU. At Boise State, I felt like an afterthought, even in simple processes like registering for classes. Communication with professors and faculty felt like a hassle and often times didn't result in getting the support I needed.”

The impact NNU seeks to have on students goes so much further than what goes on in the classroom. The experience here transcends curriculum. As stated in the university values, NNU seeks to, “engage and affect all domains of life—intellectual, social, physical and spiritual—€thereby advancing the transformation of the individual, the church and the world.”

As Ben reflects on his college experience, he sees the transition that has occurred in his life along the way. “I think I have changed a lot at NNU. I’ve found something I'm passionate about and have been able to pursue it and apply my education towards the completion of my goals.”