Experiencing spiritual revival on campus

October 25, 2016

Each year NNU’s Office of Spiritual Formation plans Fall Revival, a three-day chapel emphasis aimed to rejuvenate the spiritual life of the entire campus. As the first semester begins moving at full speed, it is easy to fall into a “going through the motions” mindset in faith. Fall Revival challenged students to revitalize their spiritual fervor.

“At a time when it would have been easy for me to not pay attention and be distracted by everything that comes with midterms, Fall Revival was a much needed break to reconnect with God in the midst of stress,” commented senior Sheldon Field.

This year’s speaker was Dr. Richard Beck, professor and chair of the Department of Psychology at Abilene Christian University. Beck brought a unique perspective as the leader of a Bible study for inmates at the maximum security French Robertson Unit, and author of "Unclean," "The Authenticity of Faith," "The Slavery of Death," and "Reviving Old Scratch."

“Richard Beck was a wonderful guest speaker,” continued Sheldon. “His mixture of comedy and spiritual lessons kept students, including myself, engaged. I talked to several people that heard him in chapel on Wednesday who took a break from their studies and homework to attend the night services because they enjoyed him so much. He used very applicable metaphors and challenged me in my own personal walk.”

Sophomore pre-med major Phillip Gwin enjoyed the different perspective Beck brought to the story of Leah and Jacob. He remarked, “Hearing this message was a great reminder to me of how God can use even the least of us for His glory. We should not be disheartened by these light momentary afflictions, for through them we know that God is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. I find it amazing to see how God works things together for good.”

As we approach the end of another semester, it is clear that God is working in the NNU community—Fall Revival was no exception.

“We believe God can move at any time, but there is something special when we step out of our routine, make a special emphasis, and seek God in a unique way,” said Chaplain Olivia Metcalf. “We were privileged to have a gifted speaker in Richard Beck. He connected well with our entire campus as he talked about love in various ways that help us to understand God, ourselves and the world. There has been a sense of renewal on our campus this entire semester and Fall Revival built on this. God is doing good things at NNU and it is exciting to be a part of it!”