PD - Instructor Responsibilities

PD - Instructor Responsibilities


Professional Development Instructor Responsibilities


An Instructor for the Center for Professional Development has important responsibilities to perform on behalf of Northwest Nazarene University. An outline of those expectations follows. Please read them carefully and follow the procedures as summarized. Questions may be directed to the Center for Professional Development by email at pdcoordinator@nnu.edu or by phone at 208-467-8374.

PD credit requirements include a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of formal instruction per PD credit, led by a qualified Master’s level content instructor.

Instructor Requirements Following Course Approval


Publicizing Classes: CPD must approve your Course Initiation Form prior to any advertising. Note: An E-announcement for your course(s) will be provided to you upon course approval. Please distribute this PDF E-announcement via email or print to announce your course. You may also embed the course catalog link to your website.


Conducting Classes: Instructors are expected to verify student enrollment against the course roster in PDLearn during the first week course is scheduled. NNU expects instructors to treat all students with respect, maintain high academic standards, and to conduct challenging and rewarding classes consistent with course objectives, as stated in the course syllabus.


Attending Classes: Hold classes at the times indicated or as mutually agreed upon by the instructor and the students.


Grading Students: Enter student grades into PDLearn within one week of course completion.


Submission of your Course Initiation Form indicates your agreement with the following: Northwest Nazarene University is a Christian Liberal Arts University. If my course is approved, I intend to uphold the quality, standards, and institutional purposes of NNU. I understand this includes: (1) using language that is free from profane or vulgar reference; (2) demonstrating respect for the religious beliefs of NNU, its faculty, and students; (3) following the administrative policies and procedures of the Center for Professional Development; and (4) refraining from the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs while teaching or representing Northwest Nazarene University. 

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