Public Relations

‚Äč At NNU, we place a very high value on community.  Community is not just about the university community but about the broader community: the Boise Valley, the state of Idaho and the entire Northwestern Region served by NNU. 

Community is about neighborhoods.  It's about businesses.  It's about government.  It's about churches and non-profit organizations and about the men and women (young and old) who live all around us.  We want to know you, to build long-lasting connections with you and to be servants to all to the best of our ability.  That is what NNU Community Relations is all about.

At NNU, we aspire to be servant leaders in our community.  That means we are constantly looking for ways we can serve and build relationships with all members of the community, in ways that will benefit both NNU and those with whom we share community.

How can we work with you, your business, your organization, your church or your government?  We want to help and we want to serve.  We are always looking for new ideas.

How might we be of service?

  • Do you need a speaker for an event?
  • Would you be a good guest speaker in a class?
  • Are you looking for a director for your Board?
  • Could you use a student intern?
  • Can we help with employee training? (Some training may involve fees.)
  • Would you like student musicians to perform at your event?
  • Might you like to sponsor a student contest, award, or scholarship?
  • Are you interested in renting one of our quality facilities for your event or meeting?

Robert O'Donahue

Robert O'DonahueDirector of Public Relations and Marketing Specialist

(208) 467-8412

Rob oversees communications to media and is responsible for marketing functions for adult and graduate departments.

Call us with your ideas and interests; we will explore ways we can work together to meet your needs.