NNU’s College of Education Holds Virtual Awards Ceremony

NNU’s College of Education Holds Virtual Awards Ceremony

Northwest Nazarene University
May 22, 2020
Education Department Virtual Ceremony

The College of Education celebrated its student teachers with a virtual awards ceremony on May 20. During the ceremony, professors welcomed each teacher candidate, prayed over them and recognized them for their work. 

Each year, the college chooses four student teachers for special recognition using the evaluation tool, The Framework of Teaching. 

“All of our candidates exhibit excellence in the areas of planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities,” Dr. Whitney Ward, associate professor and director of clinical practice said. “The award is in honor of Ernie Thompson, a much-beloved NNU Education Professor who served for many, many years. He modeled excellence in the classroom and character outside of it so our winners are chosen with that in mind.”

One student is selected from each of the undergraduate education programs to receive the award. This year’s recipients are:

  • ACE Elementary - Awarded to Stephanie Mballo because of her ability to advocate for each student within her first-grade classroom. Mballo excelled at a building with a high refugee population.  
  • ACE Secondary - Awarded to Jessica Muraski because of her excellence in planning and ability to connect with students. Muraski created a classroom environment that made learning accessible and fun.
  • Traditional Elementary - Awarded to Andie Rogers because of her ability to reach challenging students.  Rogers was placed in a building with a very needy student population, many with severe behaviors. Rogers saw the heart of each student and loved them into learning.
  • Traditional Secondary - Awarded to Brittany Priddy because of the way she engaged students in learning.  Creative lessons, relationships, and connections were areas where Priddy shone.