New Associate Vice President for Student Engagement aims to make a lasting impact

New Associate Vice President for Student Engagement aims to make a lasting impact

Northwest Nazarene University
Feb 27, 2019

Recently, President Joel Pearsall announced that Karen Pearson was promoted to Associate Vice President for Student Engagement. A unique job description created just for her, this is an announcement worth celebrating campus-wide.

The position was created this year in order to enhance the student experience by bringing all the components of student life together under one department head—community life, counseling services, the career center and residential life. With these new responsibilities, Karen will be able to devote more attention and resources to each department as individual needs arise.

Karen has worked on campus for 29 years, first as a Resident Director and most recently as the Director for Residential Life. Having worked directly with both student and community life on campus for so long, this new role couldn’t have found a better fit. Karen has an acute understanding of student needs from her experience both in the dorm and as the Residential Life Director.

“I am very excited to be expanding my role at NNU,” Karen shared. “I love my work in Student Life, and this change allows me to be even more invested in the student as a whole person. The quality people that I work with, and their commitment to providing a first class experience for all of our students makes this change very appealing. I have a lot to learn and am ready to work with the administration, faculty, staff and students to make our community even better.”

Vice President for Student Development Dr. Carey Cook describes this position as “a great role for Karen because she has a high level of expertise in regards to student life. Her years of experience will provide the leadership required for this new structure, better improving the student experience.”

Our campus community is so grateful for all of the years of hard work and dedication Karen has already committed to bettering the NNU community. We look forward to seeing how this new role will benefit students’ lives across campus and long after.