"Mrs. Warren's Profession" presented by NNU

"Mrs. Warren's Profession" presented by NNU

Northwest Nazarene University
Oct 3, 2018

The NNU Department of Music, in conjunction with the theatre program, Department of English and the Office of University Mission and Ministry, is proud to present George Bernard Shaw’s play Mrs. Warren’s Profession. The play will be performed in the Brandt Center lobby October 11-13 at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for seniors and students.

In this play 22-year-old Vivie learns that her mother, whom she has barely known, has made her money through prostitution. Why would her mother choose this “profession”? How will Vivie deal with her mother, her mother’s money, and her mother’s friends after this devastating discovery?

While displaying the wit that marks other plays by Shaw (including Pygmalion, the basis of My Fair Lady), this play demands that we think hard about the complicated problems contributing to prostitution and examine our own consciences, as it confronts the many ways society silently supports this evil. Written in the 1890s, it is all too relevant today.

NNU presents this play recognizing that an evil we cannot talk about is an evil we cannot fight, and silence does not help the women, children, and men entangled in the sex industry. The play draws attention to hurting people in our world whom Jesus engaged with and the church can often ignore. It shows us characters with whom we empathize, reminding us of Jesus’ call to love and care for all people, not just those of whom we approve. We hope that this play will increase the viewer’s understanding, compassion, and desire to work for change in our world.

We invite you to engage in talkbacks immediately following the productions on Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as a discussion led by the Department of Social Work on Monday, October 15 at 7 PM in the Brandt Center.

Tickets are available at the door or can be purchased in advance.

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**This play contains mature subject matter and there is some use of mild language.