Meet incoming freshman Cassidy Littleton

Meet incoming freshman Cassidy Littleton

Northwest Nazarene University
Aug 3, 2017

All of our incoming freshmen are winners for choosing NNU, but Twin Falls native Cassidy Littleton, stands out as the winner of the Idaho Youth of the Year Award from the Boys & Girls Club of America not once, but twice, as well as the 2017 Pacific Youth of the Year!

Cassidy is a passionate ambassador for the Boys and Girls Club of America because of how much it helped her to succeed, and she has given back much of her time and efforts to continue its positive influence on children. “The best parts of me are brought out by the Boys & Girls Club,” Cassidy stated in an interview with Magic Valley News. It was there that she discovered the power of creating relationships through communication.

Now, she has chosen to study communications with a minor in pastoral ministries. “I chose this area of study because I recently discovered the gifting of God on my life in speaking,” she said. “I have spoken at tons of events on behalf of many entities, and I have found that God gifted me with an incredibly effective ability to speak. I love the power of words, and that’s what draws me to this area.” She hopes to use her incredible gift of public speaking to become a corporate ambassador or a public speaker. “I love the power of words,” she says. “It’s extremely important to me that my words give life; that when I speak, I give life. I want to hone in on the skills God has given me in the path he has called me to.”

NNU was the perfect choice for what Cassidy was looking for in a college. She, like many other incoming freshman, cites that the community and welcoming spirit is what drew her in initially. Cassidy was planning to do mission work for a year rather than go to college, but she changed her mind and stated, “NNU just gave me peace.” She felt that she would find spiritual growth in a community of believers. She remarked, “I looked at the website after getting a few letters and went ‘Yep, that’s it. That’s the one!”

Cassidy is prepared for whatever God has in store for her here at NNU. She said, “I want to grow and learn and push the boundaries of what I believe I can do. God wants to push me, and it’s exciting”. Just as Cassidy is excited to to begin her college experience at NNU, the campus community is equally as excited to welcome her. New Student Orientation kicks off Friday, August 25 as NNU welcomes the class of 2021. Students will have a week filled with social and academic activities designed to help them acclimate to college life and the NNU community.