Gathering for all-denominational worship


Gathering for all-denominational worship


On September 29, approximately 100 people from over 22 churches gathered for an evening of worship in Lloyd Square Park. This gathering was for an event called The Mill, the mission of which was “to see the Church come together, across denominations, through worship in song, prayer, and fellowship as one body.”

“We respectfully understand there are different views on many things within the Church that have caused segregations through time,” explained Oscar Diaz (’15), visionary and coordinator of The Mill. “But we want to celebrate and elevate the one thing we all have in common—that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father.”


"We want to celebrate and elevate the one thing we all have in common—that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father."

A tragic event in Oscar’s life became the catalyst for creating The Mill. He was significantly impacted by having multiple churches from various denominations comfort and mourn with him and his family after his four-year-old nephew died in a car accident in 2014.


“That experience, seeing the true beauty and the full magnitude of the Church, completely set my heart on fire for the Church and mobilizing the truth that Jesus is all we have,” explained Diaz. “The Church is a family, and The Mill’s hope is to remind the local church that their family is much bigger than the local church they attend but includes the congregations across the street and across town. How much more could we do if we came together!”

Eager to continue The Mill’s mission, Oscar and his team are in the process of planning The Mill: Pt. II, which is projected to be held in the early spring. (For more information, follow “The Mill: United in Worship” on Facebook.)

A similar event called Oh Holy Night (OHN) will take place Saturday, December 3, at 7 p.m. at the Friends Community Barn in Star, Idaho.

“The purpose of OHN is for all young adults in the Treasure Valley community to come together for one night of fellowship and worship with one another,” said Alex Kildow (’17), the initiator of OHN. “I hope this event will inspire young adults to be plugged into a church and to give their lives over to Jesus. I hope it will help young adults see that God can use their God-given gifts and talents for His will.”

After receiving a vision for this event two months ago, Kildow has been amazed at how well the event came together. “God alone has made this event a reality,” Kildow remarked. “He has provided the barn, the decorations, sound equipment, supplies, and volunteers. Many people from different churches such as Encounter, Star Community Church, and Karcher Church of the Nazarene have made many of these contributions. Overall, OHN has been very blessed by others and their efforts to help make this event happen!”

All are welcome to join for the night of worship and fellowship. There will be music, a message by Oscar Diaz, hot drinks, and baked treats. (For more information, follow the “Oh Holy Night” Facebook page.)

The Mill and Oh Holy Night are examples of the movement in the churches in the Treasure Valley to embrace the diversity of the Church and elevate their shared belief—Jesus is Lord and Savior.

Photo caption: The Mill's mission statement.