Five ways to engage and grow spiritually

Five ways to engage and grow spiritually

Northwest Nazarene University
Jan 22, 2016

by Carly Gilmore, class of 2017

Your spiritual life is as healthy as the time you invest in it—especially at NNU. On campus, we are surrounded by professors, coaches and classmates who challenge their community to pursue Christ. We even have chapel three times a week to allow the campus community to gather in worship and fellowship. While this environment fosters spiritual engagement, there are tons of other opportunities to engage in God’s word, to worship Christ, to leave comfort zones, to serve in the community and, in the process, to grow spiritually—you just need to know where to look.


Looking for a group of peers who share your faith? At Timeout, students gather together in singing, prayer, communion, and encouragement every week. Students are able to connect with others who have similar lifestyles—peers who understand the weight of stress created by classes, jobs, extracurriculars, etc. Timeout creates an uplifting environment as students address common problems and encourage each other to keep centered on Christ; it is a respite in the middle of the week for students to step out of their hectic schedule and rest in the presence of God.

Science and Religion Club

NNU professors bring a Christian worldview to all their classes, but there are also further opportunities to explore God’s hand in various areas of study—such as science. As stated in their club constitution, the Science and Religion Club exists “to facilitate deep and civil discourse on important topics related to science and religion across NNU’s campus.” Students and faculty meet monthly to address hard topics and develop a deeper understanding of God in their area of study.


D-Groups are designed to create a community that supports one another in their spiritual walk. These groups are for all students and are led by upperclassmen. Guy, girl, couple and freshmen groups have all been established to cater to various students’ needs. Each group chooses a Bible study that best fits those needs, and then students meet together to learn, grow and journey together.

Encounter Movement

Students in pursuit of a church do not have to look far. The Treasure Valley is covered with many great churches and services that allow students to get connected with a more diverse church body. One of these is the Encounter Movement—an Eagle Nazarene young adult service located in Nampa. Encounter is full of powerful worship, passionate sermons, and God’s transforming love. To work with young adults’ schedules, the service is held on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. in downtown Nampa. Besides the service, there is an hour prayer before, fellowship afterward, and discipleship groups on Tuesday evenings. Encounter Movement is perfect for college students who are serious about encountering God and just one example of young adult focused programs near campus.

Ministry Clubs

Fellowship, worship, and studies to learn about Jesus are crucial to the Christian walk; however, Christians are also called to be a light in the world—to serve. Even though the international mission trips usually take the limelight, very important mission work is happening locally as well. Students are a part of ministry clubs such as Angels Club, Hope House, Pals Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Boys and Girls Club, International Justice Mission, and Just Another Row. So whether it is helping kids with homework or knitting clothing for people in need, building awareness for human trafficking or visiting a home for disabled adults, students are able to show the love of God to their local community.

If any NNU student wants to grow spiritually in community, they came to the right place—spiritual guidance and encouragement is bountiful here. There’s a plethora of ministries that allow students to be strengthened in their faith and involved in mission work in their current community. So don’t flounder spiritually—find a way to invest in your spiritual growth.