NNU’s Director of Concurrent Credit Appointed to Idaho’s President's Leadership Council Work Group

NNU’s Director of Concurrent Credit Appointed to Idaho’s President's Leadership Council Work Group

Northwest Nazarene University
Jun 11, 2021
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Portrait of Michele Corkish

Michele Corkish, NNU Director of Concurrent Credit, has been appointed to the Idaho President's Leadership Council Dual Enrollment Advising Work Group which addresses initiatives that encourage Idaho high school students to pursue higher education.

“It is a great honor for NNU to be invited to be part of this group,” Corkish said. “The President's Leadership Council is made up of administration from the public universities. However, NNU has begun to establish itself among the leaders in the state for concurrent credit, which has opened this door for us—as a private institution—to have a voice at the table.”

NNU has the third-largest concurrent credit program in the State of Idaho. It is designed to enrich the educational opportunities of pre-college students who have demonstrated high academic ability. The program unites the services of NNU with high school and home school students by offering university-level credits for selected courses administered through NNU and taught at local and online high schools by NNU-approved instructors.

“Michele’s appointment is both an honor and a considerable responsibility to support public and private education throughout the state,” Dennis Waller, NNU’s Dean of Concurrent Credit, said. “I am very proud of her.”

Corkish’s responsibilities will include advising on dual enrollment initiatives that have come out of the President's Leadership Council. She was appointed by Dr. Kandi J. Turley-Ames of Idaho State University, Founding Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Vice Provost of Advanced Opportunities.

The President's Leadership Council was formed in 2019 by Idaho's public community college and university presidents. They provide support for high schools to help reinforce and encourage students to pursue a college education and ensure the transfer of credits between state institutions.