K12 - PD Course Set Up

K12 - PD Course Set Up

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Professional Development

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Course Set Up

The Professional Development (PD) Team is ready to assist you with all of the details of running a successful PD course for your department, building, district, or conference. We work with qualified content specialists (CPD instructors) to assist you with setting up accredited professional development courses that meet the needs of your building, district, or organization.
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Please review and complete the following applicable forms and return them to CPD via email to the PD Coordinator, at pdcoordinator@nnu.edu.
All forms must be submitted in a Word Document format. Please do not fax or send as a PDF.

- Instructor Information Form
- Instructor Asst. Information Form
- Course Form
Please review the following documents before submitting the Instructor Information Form or the Course Form.

- Course Form Instructions
- Professional Development Standards
- Instructor Responsibilities
- How to View Roster and Post Grades
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Course Approval Requirements and Process

PD credit requirements include a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of formal instruction per PD credit, led by a qualified Master’s level content instructor.

Potential instructors must submit a completed Instructor Information Form for review and approval. Instructor of Record status is granted according to NNU accreditation and customer service policies. Status may be revoked at the discretion of the University.

Documents received by the CPD will be reviewed for approval by the appropriate university faculties. The PD Coordinator will contact the instructor to facilitate optimal course design and to notify of course approval.

Requests for credit approval must be submitted prior to the start date of the course, preferably 2-4 weeks ahead of time.

Whether you're already running PD in your district and are looking for credit or have an idea for a new course, feel free to contact the PD Coordinator with any questions: pdcoordinator@nnu.edu or 208-467-8374.