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This class is to be treated as any university class. If you drop the course, you will need to complete a drop slip (available from the Registrar's Office or Express Education Office in Helstrom Business Center). When you receive your grade it will be an official transcript. Grades will be posted to the permanent transcript at the same time. If you need additional transcripts they may be obtained by written request from the Registrar's Office. NNU does not charge for transcripts.

Student Agreement

If selected an as Express Education student, I acknowledge that this status is extended by Northwest Nazarene University based upon recognition of my strong academic performance in high school and that this status is extended at the discretion of the University. I understand that courses taken at NNU do not necessarily count toward high school graduation requirements and it is my responsibility to work with my high school administration to meet requirements for high school graduation. I certify that the statements in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Parental Consent

If under 18

As the parent/guardian of the student applying for the Express Education Program at Northwest Nazarene University, I agree to the following: 1) support for the student's desire to participate in the program, 2) support the student as needed to perform successfully, 3) acknowledge responsibility for tuition, fees, and other expenses. I also realize that any acceptance of credit for application to the student's high school program, school district graduation requirements, or state graduation requirements is granted solely at the discretion of the student's high school. Acknowledging these and other factors and having met with the student's guidance counselor, I hereby agree and request that my son/daughter be allowed admission into the Express Education Program at NNU.

I certify by filing this form electronically that the statements in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.*