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NNU’s 2020 Homecoming & Family Weekend Has Been Canceled

Dear Alumni and Friends:

After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to cancel NNU’s 2020 Homecoming & Family weekend for the first time in NNC/NNU’s history. Every November, we look forward to bringing our NNU alumni and friends “home” to our beautiful campus to reminisce and celebrate the community we share.

It is in this same spirit of community that the Office of Alumni Relations--with input from our Alumni Board--feels it is necessary for us to cancel this year. To preserve the health and safety of our current students, faculty and staff amid the current pandemic, NNU has had to put protocols in place that limit access to campus and restrict visitation for off-campus groups. As much as we hate the thought of not being able to gather with you this November, we know we must put our personal feelings aside for the good of the community we all love.

If 2020 was YOUR YEAR to celebrate a reunion – have no fear! Your reunions have not been cancelled--just postponed. We will be celebrating the classes of 2015, 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990,1985, 1980 and 1975 next November along with those reunions that were slated to take place. With any luck it will be a social-distancing-free party like we haven’t seen since 2019!

If you have questions, contact Darl Bruner or Zach Marble at (208) 467-8841 or at

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We can’t wait to see you Fall 2021!

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