Sexual Misconduct Anonymous Reporting Form

This form may be completed by any member of the Northwest Nazarene University community who has experienced or witnessed sexual assault or another form of sexual misconduct, including dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or sexual harassment.

All information provided will be forwarded to the Title IX coordinator. Providing information on this form will not result in an investigation or initiate the University’s complaint process unless the victim chooses to make their identity known to an appropriate University official.

Individuals who have experienced sexual assault or another form of sexual misconduct are encouraged to report to a member of the Title IX Team. A report does not mean that a complaint must be pursued. If the victim’s identity is provided, the University will follow up directly to offer support services and interim measures and will discuss the option of initiating a complaint under the University’s complaint process.

To make a report, the following may be contacted:

Location of Assault/Incident
Nature of the incident (check all that apply)
Affiliation of the person who committed the sexual assault or misconduct with the individual who experienced sexual assault or misconduct (check all that apply)
To your knowledge was this incident reported to the Nampa Police or another law enforcement agency

If you are a survivor of sexual violence, we urge you to seek out assistance from one of the resources available at NNU and the wider community. The following are confidential resources available to assist victims of sexual violence:

On-Campus Confidential Resources and Support

  • Wellness Center

    518 E. Dewey Ave
    (Next to College Church)
    Phone: 208-467-8466

  • University Chaplains

    Emerson Administration Room 104
    Email: or

Off-Campus Confidential Resources and Support

In addition to these confidential resources, the following are resources on campus available to assist victims of sexual violence: