MSW Reference Form

Please note: The MSW Recommendation Form is to be completed by an academic or professional acquaintance.

Type of reference*

To the Evaluator:

The person named above is applying for admission to our University as a candidate for the degree of Master of Social Work. This involves not only an intensive program of graduate study but also commitment to a professional career of serious responsibility. You have been selected by the applicant as someone who can be helpful to us in evaluating his or her qualifications and readiness to enter graduate school.

Sound intelligence and the ability to think clearly and to communicate effectively are vital qualifications. Equally important are basic friendliness and security of personality, exemplified in good relationships with others. Emotional maturity and stability appropriate to the applicant's age are essential. Motivation to enter the field of social work should include an awareness of social issues as well as a deep concern for people.

Although people continue to grow and mature, a person who enters a professional school of social work without a good degree of readiness in all these areas risks failure and, at best, is likely to have a difficult and painful experience. Therefore, you can best help the applicant by being frank about his or her limitations as well as strengths. We ask you to answer these questions as fully as possible. Additional observations by using the box at the bottom of the form or by personal contact are most welcome.

Again, we thank you for your assistance in this process.

Personality Characteristics

Maturity Level
Sensitivity to others
Problem-solving abiltiy
Accepts criticism
Physical stamina
Ability to respect and work with differences in people (e.g. race, age, class, culture)

Intellectual/Academic Characteristics

Conceptual ability
Spirit of inquiry
Intellectual capacity
Verbal communication
Written communication
Ability to complete a graduate program in social work

Professional Characteristics

Leadership ability
Professional self care
Concern and commitment to social issues
Ability to perform under pressure