Residential Life Assignment and Contract

You will receive a Residential Life Assignment and Contract on the NNU portal at Please do not fill out and/or submit any portion of this online form until you have reviewed the information on the NNU portal. After reviewing the form, fill out the appropriate steps below to confirm or make any necessary changes. If you have any questions or are unsure how to fill out this online form, please contact Kelly at NNU Student Development, (208) 467-8643. Once the form is completed, hit the SUBMIT button. There is no need to return the paper form to NNU in the mail. FORM CONFIRMATION MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JULY 15.

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                                                              Note: Freshmen are required to sign up for the the Silver Plan for their first semester, but may select Platinum if desired.

Additional Information

How to Apply for Housing: Download and submit Form A and Form B (The $250 Educational Deposit is required before housing is assigned).
How to Apply to Live Off Campus: Download this form now and mail or fax to 208-467-8468.

Note: Any returning student participating in the room drawing but who decides to live off-campus for the fall semester, must cancel their housing assignment by notifying Student Development, via email ( or approved off-campus application prior to June 15, 2015 or will be assessed a $250.00 Room Cancellation fee. No Exceptions.

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