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Communication: Oral Expression*
Communication: Written Expression*
Relationships: Rapport/Interpersonal Effectiveness*
Relationships: Collaboration with Others*
Relationships: Respectful of Diverse Perspectives and Cultures*
Social-Emotional Presence: Self-Confidence*
Social-Emotional Presence: Judgment/Common Sense*
Social-Emotional Presence: Enthusiasm/Positive Demeanor*
Social-Emotional Presence: Coachable/Takes and Uses Suggestions*
Professional Commitment: Dependability and Punctuality*
Professional Commitment: Self-Initiative and Work Ethic*
Professional Commitment: Desire to Improve*
Professional Commitment: Ethical Behavior*
Advocacy: Responsiveness and Persistence in Trying to Meet Needs of all Learners/Assumes All Can Learn*
Advocacy: Promotes Democratic Values of Fairness, Justice, Participation and Equal Access*
Cognitive Processing: Conceptualization*
Cognitive Processing: Self-Assessment/Reflection*
Cognitive Processing: Inquiry*

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