Psychology Adjunct Faculty



Psychology Adjunct Faculty


Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is proud to announce a new PsyD in Clinical Psychology at NNU. The full 5-year program, for those entering directly from a psychology BA program, consists of 127 credits—4 years of coursework and a dissertation, with a final pre-doctoral internship year. Those entering with an MA degree bypass the first year, allowing for a second entry-point into the PsyD program.


Description of Position

We are currently searching for adjunct positions for both the undergraduate psychology major and the new PsyD program, including clinical supervisors.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Undergraduate Psychology: Masters in Psychology or related social science field. 
  • PsyD: PsyD or PhD in Psychology or Doctorate in related health field (such as MD). Current practice in Health Service Psychology preferred.
  • High level of integrity, and personal responsibility must be verified.  
  • Must demonstrate both written and verbal skills, and effective interpersonal relationship skills.  
  • The university requires that all candidates have a Christian perspective (preferably in the Wesleyan tradition), and must be comfortable with and in agreement with the mission and lifestyle values of NNU.  Candidates are asked to respond to the information items listed on the NNU Christian Mission requirements link below.  Northwest Nazarene University embraces diversity and therefore encourages all who are qualified to apply.


Application Process
Please submit your complete application packet to:


A complete application packet will include:
•    NNU Adjunct Application
•    Commitment to NNU's Christian Mission - Adjunct
•    Separate document to include:
•    Personal Spiritual Pilgrimage
•    Membership in a Christian Community of Faith
•    Commitment to Teaching at a Christian Comprehensive University
•    Curriculum vitae
•    Official Transcripts


Your complete application packet will be forwarded to the appropriate department and when an opening is available and you are selected for potential employment, you will be contacted directly by the department.  Transcripts and letters of reference may be requested upon hire.
Employment at Northwest Nazarene University is contingent upon the results of an independent background check.

Application Process

To be considered for this position, a complete application packet must be received. Complete application packet will include the following:

  • Letter of interest
  • NNU application
  • Resume
  • Letter of reference from current pastor
  • Two current letters of recommendation from professional associates

For Faculty positions, also include:

  • Statement describing your philosophy of Christian higher education
  • Statement describing your philosophy of teaching

Send, fax or email a complete application packet to:

Human Resources Office
Northwest Nazarene University
623 S. University Boulevard
Nampa, ID 83686
Phone: (208) 467-8036
Fax: (208) 467-8587

Employment at Northwest Nazarene University is contingent upon the results of an independent background check.

Reviewed 10 Mar, 2022

Northwest Nazarene University is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As an educational institution operating under the auspices of the Church of the Nazarene, Northwest Nazarene University is permitted, and reserves the right to prefer employees on the basis of religion (Title VII, Sections 702-703, United States Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended).