Wildlife Biology and Ecology

Wildlife Biology and Ecology

Bachelor of Arts

NNU's Wildlife Biology and Ecology (Bachelor of Arts) degree provides is for students who are passionate about wildlife but do not envision a future as a traditional scientist.  This degree enables them to approach the science of conservation from a different perspective.

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  • David Hille
  • (208) 467-8182
  • biology@nnu.edu
  • SUMMER research opportunities
  • WORK CLOSELY with faculty mentors
  • OBTAIN practical skills and understanding a variety of biological science subjects

Wildlife Biology and Ecology

More than any point in recorded history, Earth is in a human-caused biodiversity crisis that requires purposeful action. The loss of species and habitat is well documented and the need to prepare creative and redemptive agents who are skillfully trained to serve in the disciplines of biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, and ecological specialties is great.

NNU's Wildlife Biology and Ecology Bachelor of Arts degree provides students with specific knowledge and skills that will prepare them for careers as biological educator, biological illustrator, or conservation policy adviser or to work in a zoo, botanical garden or conservation organization. The skills and knowledge students will acquire include the practical use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), population modeling/management, greater understanding of ecological principles, and improved breadth of plant and animal identification--among other things.  Because of the focus on aspects beyond the science, this degree requires a minor that will provide the student with contextual expertise.  

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Career Avg. Salary
Forest and Conservation Technicians $38,680
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations $45,160
Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan area occupational employment and wage estimates for the Boise area are sourced from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

[NNU’s professors] are positive. They're upbeat and they advocate for you. They watch out for you. They're not just teaching you business practices and teaching you what their degree is, not just advocating for you in the education aspect, but also in life.

McKenna Walker
M.Ed Educational Leadership (Building Administrator)