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Pastoral Ministry

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Pastoral Ministry

Master of Arts



The Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry covers the breadth of ministerial studies to prepare students for a strong vocational ministry, with courses in Christian education, missiology, pastoral leadership, spiritual formation, and more.



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40 semester credits
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Pastoral Ministry

NNU's 40-credit Master of Arts: Pastoral Ministry can be completed one course at a time* in as little as 28 months. Our program covers the breadth of ministerial studies to prepare students for a strong vocational ministry, with courses in Christian education, missiology, pastoral leadership, spiritual formation, preaching and worship, Bible, church history, theology, and philosophy.
NNU is also the only institution offering exclusively online programs ever awarded membership by The Association of Theological Schools, the accrediting body for seminaries and divinity schools in the United States and Canada.
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*Students in their final year of study may complete Supervised Ministry concurrently with other course/s or enroll in it separately during the Summer session.

Program Outcomes

Graduates from our Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry are serving in various ministry venues, including pastoral leadership; staff ministry; church planting; university student development; military, healthcare, hospice, institutional, and marketplace chaplaincy; non-profit leadership; cross-cultural ministry; district and general church administration; and other innovative settings. A recent survey of graduates revealed that 68 percent had already been offered positions by graduation. Additionally, many of our graduates have advanced to doctoral studies at a variety of other educational institutions, including Drew Divinity School, Boston University, Regent, Claremont, Portland Seminary, Fuller, Perkins, and Nazarene Theological Seminary, to name just a few.

Academic Outcomes

  • The graduate understands and is able to explain Wesleyan-Holiness theology as it relates to scripture, Christian tradition, reason, and experience in the practice of ministry.
  • The graduate identifies characteristics of the cultural context of ministry and assesses them through an appropriate theological perspective, compares existing cultures with alternative cultural expressions, and develops personal and corporate practices consistent with the Kingdom of God.
  • The graduate understands and applies the office of ministry to their cultural context in light of the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.
  • The graduate practices the means of grace (spiritual disciplines) that lead to emotional and spiritual health, personal Christian virtue, and responsible social engagement.
  • The graduate integrates Christian theological themes in the understanding and practice of ministry and leadership.


Since 1930, NNU has been continuously accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities, the same respected accrediting body that validates other leading educational institutions across the Pacific Northwest. If a quality education from a respected institution with external validations is important to you, then NNU’s Master of Divinity or Master of Arts tracks are a great fit.
NNU’s Graduate School of Theology is also accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools. The following degree programs are approved by the Commission on Accrediting: Master of Divinity; Master of Arts: Pastoral Ministry; and Master of Arts: Leadership & Formation with specializations in Missional Leadership; Spiritual Formation; and Youth, Children & Family Ministry.



Degree Details

Master of Arts

Offered Online

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The professors are awesome. They are all open to conversation to any kind of question I ever had. Every single professor was open to discuss. That's incredible for me because where I am from people are not like that. I have a really good relationship with all of them here and they are always open to talk with me. They give me a ton of advice.

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NNU’s graduate programs are designed for you to achieve your educational goals while working around your career, your family and your other commitments.

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100% of the program can be completed online


2 is the number of years it takes to complete the MA programs taking one course at a time.


NNU’s College of Theology offers 4 different graduate degrees, including Pastoral Ministry, Missional Leadership, Spiritual Formation, and Youth, Children & Family Ministry.


NNU is the 1st institution offering exclusively online graduate programs ever to be granted membership by the ATS.