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Christian Studies

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Christian Studies

Associate of Arts



NNU's Associate of Arts in Christian Studies is a fully online program enabling students to continue working and living in their local community while pursuing a degree that explores classical topics associated with the Christian faith tradition.


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Lauren Wuertz

(208) 467-8868

63 overall credits
45 credits
in general education requirements.
Leads directly
into NNU's online Christian Ministry degree program.

Christian Studies

Do you have a hunger to learn more about the Christian faith, either as a layperson or in preparation for a ministry position? Would an affordable, flexible online degree program fit your busy lifestyle? If so, Northwest Nazarene University's fully online Associate of Arts in Christian Studies degree offers you the freedom and focus you're looking for!
Imagine where you want to be! With NNU Online, our programs fit your future. NNU’s Associate of Arts in Christian Studies is built on a firm foundation that transforms your faith and strengthens your learning. To ensure your education has both depth and breadth, our Associate of Arts degree includes a solid educational core and is geared around an exploration of various ministry practices, combined with classical Christian disciplines.
After earning an AA in Christian Studies, students are able to transfer 100 percent of earned credits into NNU’s traditional on-campus programs, or in one of the accelerated Adult & Professional Programs (APP).

Transferring your AA

After earning your Associate of Arts in Christian Studies, you’re able to transfer 100 percent of your courses into NNU’s traditional on-campus programs, or in one of our accelerated Adult & Professional Programs (APP). NNU offers fully online Bachelor of Arts tracks in Christian Ministry, Business, Nursing, Applied Studies, and Liberal Studies.
Use your Associate of Arts degree to build toward your future. If you sense that God may be leading you toward vocational ministry, our APP Christian Ministry program helps you achieve your goals by offering you the same kind of flexibility you found in your Associate of Arts program. Or if you want to stop with your Associate of Arts degree, you can complete any remaining educational requirements for ordination through NNU’s online course of study for ministers. Sixty percent of your Associate of Arts in Christian Studies courses apply directly toward educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. If you’re from another theological tradition, that number may be higher or lower, depending on your church’s particular requirements.



Degree Details

Associate of Arts

Offered Online

$405 per credit - See All Tuition & Fee Info



I believe that NNU has given me a forever-family. I'm able to come here and be in this community and to come back even though I'm moving to California. This will always be my second home.

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