CPD Workshops - People Leadership

CPD Workshops - People Leadership

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People Leadership

Develop managers and supervisors on your team to grow the capabilities and performance of your organization.


About People Leadership 


People Leadership is designed for middle and senior-level leaders, and the program works well for newer leaders, too. Participants engage in experiential learning with highly interactive sessions and leader practices. Included is intentional, structured virtual coaching that not only benefits each participant as one receiving leader coaching, but that also teaches leaders how to coach their teams and constituents.


The NNU Center for Professional Devleopment (NNU CPD) believes that transformational change is created by leaders who lead themselves and others into the mindset and behaviors that develop capabillities and improve opportunities and performance.  This, at its core, is a "developmental approach" to leadership, and it is the heart of our leadership programming. 


The beauty of this approach is that leaders who become more developmental also increase employee well-being, engagement, empowerment, and achievement.   They also increase trust, psychological safety and the ability to navigate change within their team and organization. 


We take a pratitioner approach to leadership development.  We are not satisfied with teaching about leadership.  We teach the "how to" of good leadership.  It is our promise that leaders who engage in our program will significantly grow their capabilities to lead and influence with their organizations and communities.




    Contact Susan Beard for a personalized quote.  
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    Seven 2-hour sessions
    at your location




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    Six virtual small group 
    coaching sessions





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    Led by two doctoral

    level instructors




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    Practical, between session
    leader practices. 

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