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The Northwest Nazarene University Endowment consists of over 500 individual scholarship and faculty research funds which help shape the lives of students from all over the world. These endowment funds exist in perpetuity and provide the resources each year that are necessary for countless students to experience NNU. More than $37 million has been generously given toward Northwest Nazarene University endowments by thousands of alumni and friends to support the Christ-centered education found at NNU.




Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are a great way to reflect your personal values and support for NNU. You can establish a new endowment in honor of your family, a loved one, or an influential person in your life. This is a wonderful way to create a legacy!
  • NNU will endow a named scholarship at a minimum giving threshold of $25,000.
  • NNU will allow up to five years for the total donations to reach the endowment threshold if a fund is started with less than $25,000.
  • NNU will invest the endowed funds and the scholarship will be awarded from a set percentage generated from the interest gained.
  • NNU will collaborate with you to create criteria for awarding this scholarship that reflects your values and ideals.
  • NNU will communicate through annual reports, scholarship recipient thank you letters and invitations to campus events throughout the year.

Why Endow a Scholarship?

  • Endowed scholarships continue to give in perpetuity.
  • Endowed scholarships make a difference in the trajectory of a student's life. You have an opportunity to see firsthand how your investment impacts students year and year.
  • Endowed scholarships inspire and teach scholarship recipients about the legacy of the person who the scholarship is named after. Every scholarship recipient receives a bio about the individual/family that the scholarship represents. This gives the student an opportunity to see philanthropy in action and read about inspiring legacies.
  • Endowed scholarships produce tax benefits through charitable deductions - we all love this one! 
  • Endowed scholarships can be represented by your relatives long after you are deceased. This is an opportunity for your family to take pride in their heritage and continue the family legacy.
  • Endowed scholarships can be set up through a planned gift. To learn more about various planned gift options, please visit this link: nnulegacygifts.org
  • Endowed scholarships are an investment in the lives and futures of students who impact our communities for the greater good. You support the transformative work that takes place here at NNU.
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For more information:

To learn more about establishing a new endowed scholarship at NNU for you or in honor of a loved one, please contact: 
Amy Shingler Director of Scholarships 208-467-8056 ashingler@nnu.edu

Amy Shingler

Director, Scholarship Gifts