The CPD partners with K-12 educators to deliver professional development training and credits through a variety of learning platforms and delivery methods.  We work with school district administrators and content specialists to create and facilitate course content that meets the needs of their instructional staff.

New Courses

  1. Download and complete the Course Form. Email the completed Course Form to pdcoordinator(at)
  2. New instructors must complete the PD Instructor Info Sheet form and read, sign and submit an PD Adjunct Instructor Responsibilities form linked below.    
  3. Forms received by the CPD will be reviewed for approval by the appropriate University faculties.
  4. The PD Coordinator will contact the course instructor to facilitate optimal course design and to notify of course approvals.

Repeat Courses

  1. Utilizing the Course Form, update Sections 1, 2 and 4 (if changes are needed) and email completed Course Form to
  2. The PD Coordinator will contact the course instructor with any questions and to notify of course approval.

Important Notes

Course Forms should be submitted several weeks before a class start date.  Please contact us at, or at 208-467-8439 or 800-349-6938, to discuss expedited course approval needs.

  1. Please do not advertise your course prior to receiving notification of course approval. The CPD recommends advertising your course following course approval and provides supplemental E-promotional material, which will be forwarded to the Instructor of Record.

Instructor Resources

Course Form                 PD Instructor Info Sheet                 PD Adjunct Instructor Responsibilities