Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Services at NNU

Please submit your request for video conferencing via the online request form as early as possible to ensure the availability of resources and internet connections for your reserved building and room.  A timely request will also help Technology and Media Resources (TMR) to schedule personnel for the time of your conference.   

It is very important that you plan, with your remote client(s), a time for testing the video conferencing connection at least one week before the class and also one day before the event to ensure time to resolve any issues that may arise. (The TMR will contact the remote client(s) for a specific test time during the dates you have set up with them.) 

Video Conferencing Services the TMR provides:

  • Classroom video conferencing 
  • Video streaming of classes 
  • Event video conferencing 
  • Video streaming of events 
  • DVD of any class or event for which the TMR provides video conferencing services* 
  • Orientation for instructors and camera operators working with video conferencing 
  • Setup and teardown of video conferencing equipment 
  • Connecting the video conference to your remote client(s)

After your student's remote and local connections have been successfully tested, you can expect your video conference to be set up 30 minutes prior to the class or event.  During all video conferences, assistance will be available by calling TMR at 208-467-8111. 

If you wish to have a camera operator during the video conference, your department will need to provide someone who has been trained by the TMR for video-conferencing camera operation.  For instructor or camera operator orientation, please contact the TMR at 467-8111.  

Please note: The TMR does not reserve rooms on NNU's campus or distance locations for your video conference. You will need to contact the Office of Conferences and Events to reserve rooms for NNU facilities.  

You must reserve your own rooms and make all initial contacts with the appropriate persons at the remote location; and then provide the TMR with contact information via the online request form (see paragraph 1).

*DVD Duplication Services 

When a DVD recording of a class or event is requested, the TMR will provide one (1) copy of the DVD to the department.  The requesting department may make more of their own copies.  Most NNU computers have the ability to duplicate DVDs.  The requesting department may also contact Technology and Media Resources at 467-8111 for DVD duplication services and prices.