Summer research happening in the School of Science and Mathematics

Summer research happening in the School of Science and Mathematics

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Each summer professors and students commit to research not only in the labs of the Thomas Family Health & Science Center, but again this year a group traveled to Costa Rica for four weeks of on-site study. The chart below highlights what research is being undertaken by our students during their summer break.




Research to elucidate the molecular basis of some diseases caused by alcohol, particularly by studying the Vitamin A pathways using in vitro and in silico techniques.

Dr. Jennifer Chase

Habtam Asmeche
Eli Kelly
Emily Ogle
Cecelia Pe񡼯p>

Chytrid in the canopy: arboreal amphibians and water sources as potential reservoirs for the pathogenic fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. They are also studying the disease ecology of a pathogenic fungus that can kills frogs.  Students traveled to Costa Rica for four weeks and then returned to campus for five weeks of additional research.

Dr. John Cossel

Jessie Cossel
Rebecca Cossel
Alixia Hedrivk
Andrew Olsen
Joy Warrington

Synthesis of zinc-oxide compounds for use in semi-conductor applications such as construction of solar cells.

Dr. Jerry Harris

Lytia Smith
Joanna Walker

Investigating ALU and LINE1 contribution to mutations in human chromosome 21.

Dr. Barry Myers

Monica Garcia-Espino
David Harris

Effect of Antibiotic Treated MRSA on Human Monocyte Viability and Cytokine Production

Dr. Jamee Nixon

Haley Abbot
Katherine Field

Collagen XI Expression Pattern in Human Mast Cells (MHC-1)

Dr. Jamee Nixon

Erick Kristensen

Integration of ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells with nanoelectronics on flexible polymer sheets.

Dr. Stephen Parke

Paulo Salvador
Mark Ostyn

The Role of C/EBP's in Alzheimer disease inflamation.

Dr. Ronald Strohmeyer

Zachary Grunig
Brenda Mbaabu
Emily Renfrow
Brayden Kinzler
Saumia Kurien
Maria Martinez
Xaviera Martinez

Classifying enzyme classes using structural features

Dr. Xueyi Wang

Thomas Macauley

Additional research is being done by Dr. Tim Anstine with student Maurus Hope; Dr. Dan Lawrence with students Benjamin Gordon and Chad Larson; and, Dr. Dan Nogales with student Devan Watt.