Philosophy Professor awarded Oxford University Fellowship

Philosophy Professor awarded Oxford University Fellowship

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Associate Professor Kevin Timpe Ph.D. of NNU?s Department of Philosophy has been named one of only two recipients of a Templeton Foundation Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford for an in-residence fellowship.  This prestigious honor will allow Timpe to interact with Oxford faculty in philosophy and other related disciplines for the purpose of writing and doing groundbreaking research in the philosophy of religion.
The Templeton Research Fellows program, created by the John Templeton Foundation, the Society of Christian Philosophers, Oxford University and the University of Oklahoma, is designed to promote extended international exchange with philosophers of religion and scientists at Oxford University.  Recipients of this fellowship are required to have an established record of successful publications and proposed research that will open new avenues for interdisciplinary growth in the philosophy of religion. Dr. Timpe will be able to engage in sustained contact with some of the world's foremost philosophers, scientists, historians of science, theologians and other specialists in religion, and will conduct research on a book project tentatively entitled ?Free Will: Human and Divine.?

The Research Fellows program observes that while there have been many contacts between British and American philosophers of religion, there have been comparatively few opportunities for sustained interaction that is essential to the philosophical enterprise. The most helpful tool is typically face-to-face conversations with colleagues over relatively long periods of time.

As a Fellow recipient, Dr. Timpe will reside at Oxford University October 2010 through June 2011. He is expected to complete and disseminate the results of his research through publications, lectures, and presentations at academic conferences within a short time after the conclusion of the fellowship program. Both Dr. Timpe and the Oxford counterparts can be expected to benefit immensely from the interchanges made possible by this one-year residence at Oxford.
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PHOTO CAPTION:  Associate Professor Kevin Timpe, Ph.D.