Financial Aid Websites

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) over the Internet. 

Career and Loan Repayment Information

The College Board site offers advice on student loans and a repayment calculator that lets you estimate your future repayment debt, provides career search information, on-line SAT registration, college search information, a financial aid calculator and college savings advice. 

Mapping Your Future has information to help you plan your career, select a school and pay for your education. - This site provides results of a survey in which college students rate the schools they are attending. You can also get guidance on going to college, choosing a career, and access to Princeton publications on college and financial aid choices.  - This site has information on how to pay for school, colleges, and careers, best value rankings for colleges, and hot jobs for the 90's. - This site allows one to look for specific colleges based on one's career goals. 

Funding Opportunities

Private College 529 Plan is the first national prepaid tuition program that enables families to save for private higher education. 

Money Magazine's site lets you calculate how much you need to save to pay for college. - This site provides information on state sponsored prepaid tuition and college savings plans throughout the U.S. Sponsored by the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators, this site has information about financial aid and interactive calculators that allow you to estimate your financial need and expected family contribution. - Information about funding your college education through the Army or the Army Reserves. - Information about paying for college. - The AmeriCorps program provides full-time educational awards in return for work in community service. 

Scholarship Search - Graduate Tutor Scholarships os a free scholarship search engine.  Search for your scholarship by program, scholarship value, deadline or key words. - This site allows you to search through a database of 180,000 private scholarships. The database is set up to e-mail you when it finds grants or scholarships that match your profile. - Information about Educational Opportunities, Careers, Loans, Scholarships, and Employment. Government Sites - Information about the American Opportunity Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and other tax benefits for post secondary students. 

Federal Student Aid an office of the the U.S. Department of Education. 

Information about Veterans educational benefits. 


Site of Interest for Hispanic Students

Information about the annual Hispanic Youth Symposium held in Sun Valley, Idaho. 

State Farm provides $2500.00 scholarships to Hispanic college students pursuing a teaching career. Excellent site for locating scholarships from companies such as Denny's, Sodexho, Sallie Mae, Etc. 

Wesbite for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.  Thousands of Hispanics benefit from internships, scholarships, and career opportunities.

How to accept a financial aid package online

If you are a first-time freshman student at NNU or are a returning undergraduate student, this video will show you how to accept a financial aid package using the NNU Portal. If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the financial aid office. If you have questions about tuition payment, please contact the Business Office.