Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for financial aid? 

For FEDERAL, STATE and INSTITUTIONAL aid you will need to:    

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Our Title IV school code is 001624.
  • Complete the NNU Application for Admission, Scholarships & Financial Aid and return it to the Office of Admissions along with other required information.

How do I apply for the Federal Direct Student Loan?
Once you have been accepted to NNU and your FAFSA information is received, your eligibility for aid, including loans will be determined and reported to you as part of your aid package in your award letter. To apply for the Federal Direct Student Loan, you must complete entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note as explained in the award packet.

Do we need to file federal income tax returns before completing the FAFSA?
If the federal tax returns are completed, it will be easier to answer the questions on the FAFSA; however, you may complete the FAFSA from estimated tax information if necessary. This is advisable when you wish to get your FAFSA information submitted to the federal processor to meet NNU's priority filing deadline of March 1st.

What can I expect? 
Within 3-5 business days of submitting the FAFSA via the web to the federal processor (if it has been signed by all necessary parties), you should be able to view a Student Aid Report (SAR) on the FAFSA website. If you note any corrections which need to be made, make these corrections on the web and re-submit your FAFSA.  NNU will develop a Financial Aid Package for you based on the information you have provided. Award letters are mailed out on a weekly basis beginning in March for new students and April for continuing students.

What scholarships are available at NNU and how do I apply?
First-time students are not required to apply for scholarships from NNU and are automatically considered for the scholarships they are eligible for based upon their admissions materials and FAFSA.   Academic awards from NNU must be applied to tuition costs. 
Should I invest in a scholarship search service?
Often the same information students purchase from search services is available from local sources for free. A scholarship search service does not give you scholarships, rather, it provides you with a list of scholarships for which you might be eligible. Do not lose more money than you can find! Use extreme caution!

Can I get a job on campus?
NNU offers employment opportunities to hundreds of students annually. All students are eligible to work on campus. Students can earn up to $2000 per school year. However, on-campus jobs are not guaranteed. The student is responsible for securing employment on campus.

If I need help with my university costs, how can my parents contribute?
If necessary, parents can borrow under the PLUS Loan program. This is a federal loan applied for through the Department of Education. Interest and principal payments begin right away. Another option for parents might be a monthly payments through the Tuition Management System Program offered in cooperation with the NNU Business Office.

Are there any other sources of assistance I can explore?
Lending institutions make loans available to students and "credit worthy" parents or co-signers for up to the total cost of education (minus other aid). The student and their co-signer are responsible for applying and completing necessary paperwork for the loan through the lending instiution of their choice. 

Approximately how much should I expect to spend on books?
For the 2013-2014 school year, students are estimated to spend between $1000 and $1500 for books, which changes by major, classes taken, etc. 


  • Apply for financial aid early. Check deadline dates and make sure that all necessary information is provided before those dates.
  • Submit all documents required for admission and financial aid to NNU as early as possible.
  • Do not assume that your family's income level will disqualify you for financial aid. Various financial circumstances are taken into consideration, making it possible for families representing a wide range of income levels to qualify.
  • Complete application forms carefully. Do not leave anything blank.
  • Keep copies of all forms and other materials you submit.
  • Respond quickly to all requests for information related to the application process. When you receive an award letter from NNU describing your financial aid package, let us know immediately whether or not you plan to accept the award.
  • Maintain the scholastic eligibility requirements that allow you to continue receiving financial assistance.

If you have other questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at: 1-877-NNU-4-YOU or (208) 467-8638, or by email at FinancialAid(at)