Child and Youth Care and Supervision

You may be looking forward to a weekend away and prefer to make arrangements for the care of your children at your own home.  You may, however, wish to bring them with you in order to enjoy a great family weekend at Trinity Pines.  If you decide to bring your whole family, you will be happy to know that childcare is provided at no charge during the session times through third grade who have not begun fifth grade. These sessions take place on the top floor of Trinity Pines Lodge.

Children and Youth Sessions: 

  • Saturday morning: 9:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m.
  • Saturday evening:  6:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. 
  • Sunday morning:  9:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

  • Children ranging from birth through high school can either attend third-floor activities or remain with an adult for supervision. Keep in mind that if you opt for your child not to participate in the children's program, he/she will need supervision by someone 18 years or older during all sessions.  Below is an outline of planned activities:  

    • Children and youth can meet upstairs with Albre Davis and her assistants 10 through 15 may meet on deck with activities director.  Similar to younger children, if you opt for your children not to participate in the youth program, he/she will require supervision by someone 18 years or older during all sessions.

      • Birth-18months/24 months - Although primarily childcare, addiitonal activities for this group include blowing bubbles and generalyinteracting with them. Directors will vary the ending age of this group based on ability. 

      • 2 years through Kindergarten -- These children's activities will involved more interaction, coloring, singing, and crafts.

      • First through fifth graders-- These children will participate in themed activities that include indoor and outdoor games and crafts.

      • Sixth through eighth grades-8th graders -- Similar to the first through fifth grades, this group will also complete activities related to a similar theme with indoor and outdoor games and crafts. 

      • High schoolers -- These students may participate in themed activities with the middle schoolers, if desired.  We will, however, provide a chaperone for those who wish to do something other than being with their parents or with the middle school students. 
    • If you prefer for your children, as siblings, to remain together during the activities, they will need to attend the younger of the two programs.

Facilities & Activities

Childcare takes place on the Conference Center campus in the main building on the upper floor as well as in appropriate outside play areas.  All faculty sessions take place in the Conference Center as well, so parents have easy access to children in case of an emergency.   

Children are supervised at all times.  During the sessions, children enjoy games, crafts, story times, and other age-appropriate activities. Cribs, walkers and other equipment for infants are not provided.  If you bring a child between the ages of newborn and three, please bring these items to assist in providing the most comfortable environment possible for your child. 

Please bring your children to the childcare area at the times listed above and return to pick them up promptly following the close of each session. 

Activities for 10-Year-Old (Children must have completed fourth-grade.) through 17-Year-Old Children on Saturday and Sunday Mornings*

In addition to child care for birth through nine-year-old children, your 10- through 15-year-old children will have opportunities for activities during the Saturday morning and evening sessions as well as during Sunday School and church on Sunday morning.  Youth activities will take place outside as well as in the Trinity Pines conference center.  Youth will meet with director on the porch near the outside door on the side of the building near the director's office. In order to to participate in the youth program, children must have either completed fourth grade or be ten years old.

All children younger than 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times during retreat.