Highlighting 10 students who received a bachelor’s degree

May 15, 2013, 11:13 am
Emma Roemhildt

These ten outstanding graduates were selected by faculty and staff to share their thoughts on their time at NNU. These quotes were also presented in the commencement program booklet.

“NNU provided an outstanding education and amazing opportunities. Through field experience and internships, I was able to discover a career path that I am passionate about. I strove for excellence academically that fostered the skills needed professionally. I feel confident in the knowledge gained, but more importantly I am prepared for what is next—prepared to succeed in the workplace.”

Shanna Rippy (Idaho)
Bachelor of Science: Economics
Political Science Minor
Track and Field
Omicron Delta Epsilon
Delta Mu Delta

“I wanted to study at a university that would connect my faith with science— NNU has done this. Through an engineering mission trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG), I used my education to tangibly further the Lord’s kingdom. We surveyed the site for and designed a new hydro-electric dam that will provide power for the Nazarene school and hospital in PNG. The trip showed me how I can use my talents to further God’s kingdom.”

Chad Larson (Oregon)
Bachelor of Science: Physics
Bachelor of Science: Engineering Physics
NASA Reduced Gravity SEED Program
NASA RockSat Team Leader
PNG Engineering Design Team Leader

“My professors concerned themselves not just with my undergraduate education, but also with my spiritual walk and future plans. They are an example of what it means to be a Christian scholar. At NNU, I developed an understanding of faith and learning that does not conflict but is dependent on each other. I was pushed in the classroom but more importantly, I understood the complexities of the subjects and how they shape my whole person.”

Emma Roemhildt (Alaska)
Bachelor of Arts: Political Science
Bachelor of Arts: History
Senior Academic Society, President
Sigma Tau Delta
Undergraduate Academic Council

“I had to overcome significant financial barriers to be at NNU, but the staff in financial aid and admissions helped me find a way semester by semester. Even though I worked two jobs to support myself, I was still part of a community that is knit together and serves together. I have learned to be the best person I can be in spite of difficulty. The people at NNU helped me realize and embrace this truth.”

Jarrod Anderson (Colorado)
Bachelor of Arts: Christian Ministries
Children’s Ministry Minor
Future Children’s Pastor at Boise First Church of the Nazarene

“I always thought teaching abroad would be an experience I would really enjoy, and NNU offered what other schools were not—an opportunity to test it out, to try teaching in South Korea. I have learned engaging strategies to aid my teaching objectives, effective classroom management strategies and teaching tools that will benefit children for years to come. I’ve learned to live in God’s moment, ready for anything, with open eyes, ears and heart.”

Alicia Bland (Texas)
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education
Spanish Minor
Multicultural Mentor
Multicultural Club
Outdoors Club

“NNU was the only Nazarene university that offered a fully online graduate religion program. Over the course of my studies, I lived in the Netherlands and Germany, so an online program was the only option available to me. I was able to apply my pastoral and teaching ministry right away— sometimes even on the very same day. The classes helped me form a solid philosophy of pastoral ministry out of which my daily actions flow.”

Gideon de Jong (Netherlands)
Master of Art: Pastoral Ministry
Pastor, Berlin Church of the Nazarene, Germany
Teacher, European Nazarene College

“On top of dedication to excellent academic standards, NNU strives to grow and develop people on all levels. Rather than only being a successful businessperson, I know I will be a genuinely successful individual because of the time spent at NNU and the relationships I built. NNU’s depth and focus on development of the whole person is absolutely amazing, and it definitely sets the University apart from other non-traditional programs.”

Brian Fullmer (Idaho)
Bachelor of Science: Business Administration
Adult & Professional Program in Business (Online)
Delta Mu Delta

“When looking for a social work program, I wanted an emphasis on diversity, professionalism, high standards of educational learning and catering to the working family. NNU did all of that. I was often challenged to look beyond my own values and beliefs and encouraged to embrace the traditions of others. The emphasis on culturally competent practice and diversity among the staff and students makes NNU different from other universities.”

Kerrie Ann Hull (Ireland)
Master of Social Work:
Management, Community Planning and Social Administration
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

“NNU has provided me with the privilege of networking with educators from across the state. I found camaraderie with an outstanding group of professionals both in my cohort and the University’s connections. I have had the opportunity to share the ideas and thoughts generated from my classes with district- and state-level personnel. When I refer to an NNU class, there is an instant sense of respect and friendship.”

Shalene French (Idaho)
Doctor of Education: Educational Leadership
Director of Human Resources, Bonneville Joint School District

“Through many hours of field experience, NNU’s Education Department has prepared me to be a more effective teacher. The faculty challenged us to become equipped, inspiring and supportive teachers as well as a part of the community in which we teach. I truly believe those hours in the classroom and with NNU’s faculty will help me make a smooth transition in my role as an educator.”

Hyesu Hwang (South Korea)
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education
Studio Art Minor
Intercultural Ministry Sunday School Teacher

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