Business students compete in Social Venture competition

March 20, 2013, 9:55 am
social venture 2013 wastesmart

As part of NNU’s capstone requirement for seniors in the School of Business, six teams of students will present projects today from 2-6 p.m. in the Brandt Center Grand Lobby, 707 Fern St. Nampa. These teams have worked all semester to create financially sustainable social ventures that address local and global needs. Today’s presentations will take place in a simulated market setting where judges rank the teams by “investing” virtual money in their top ventures.

The first place team will earn a $1,500 prize to put toward making their proposals a reality. Winners will also be invited to compete in the regional social venture competition in Seattle, Wash. This year’s students have formed the following businesses:

Light represents hope. Douémour enables people to provide solar powered light to Rwandans through a one-to-one donation program. Douémour’s objective is to aid in the development of Rwandan communities and increase families’ standard of living through a stable light source. We help you do more.

4M Tree Recycling
4M Tree Recycling plans to reduce the impact of wasted materials and provide an alternate system of disposal. 4M Tree Recycling will create recycled mulch and provide it to customers around Canyon County such as landscaping specialists, nurseries and homeowners.

Harvesting Hope
Harvesting Hope is first and foremost a culinary education center that provides culinary experience for underprivileged individuals looking to work in the culinary arts. This program provides the means to acquire a job in the culinary industry through an educational program. It consists of a catering company in Reno, Nevada that gives students the opportunity to cook in a real world experience under a professional chef as well as serve the food they cooked.

BikeIt Boise
BikeIt is a mobile bike sharing company that provides bike rentals in Boise, Idaho. BikeIt is a service that will reduce traffic, parking problems, emissions and the use of fuel in Boise to encourage healthy living. BikeIt Boise will provide hourly, daily and weekly bike rentals in convenient locations at an affordable price. Why drive? Just BikeIt!

PURE is a venture plan aiming to generate affordable and accessible drinking water while also contributing to job creation around the globe. PURE stations are water kiosks, owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. PURE operates a large water purification plant which provides and distributes quality drinking water to designated kiosks. The local entrepreneurs redistribute PURE drinking water and offer it to the community at a competitive rate. The test bed of PURE stations will be the populace of India. The goal of the business venture is to promote the use of PURE stations around the world.

WasteSmart seeks to inspire sustainable economic growth in the poorest countries of the world by incinerating waste and creating useful products out of the ash. WasteSmart plans to improve the living conditions of those struggling in poverty by cleaning up disease harboring waste and turning it into useful, desirable and profitable briquettes.

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