Order NNU’s Centennial bookset for Christmas

December 17, 2012, 11:49 am
Kevin Dennis

Professors have always been one of the most influential groups in students’ educational endeavors and personal development. These educators prepare students academically to enter the world as creative and redemptive agents, and they also repeatedly take the time to see that students learn some very valuable life lessons. Andrea (Souza) Hubbard recalls one such memory in “Spirit of Place,” a visual and anecdotal coffee table book featuring the unique people and events from NNU.

As a freshman, I was hard-working and wanted straight A’s. I was also stressed out. Professor Dennis knew this about me and constantly attempted to get me to relax. During one conversation, he suggested I allow myself to settle for a B once in a while!

One of my favorite bands at the time, Avalon, was performing at the Brandt Center one evening when I had a world literature class. I was in a sullen mood. When Professor Dennis noticed something was bothering me, he asked what was wrong. I told him and he said, “Go to the concert.”
“Go to the concert,” he repeated, “you’d rather be at the concert than here in world lit class, wouldn’t you?”
“But I can’t just skip class.”
“Of course you can, I’m telling you to skip class!”
I was shocked! I went to the concert, feeling almost guilty, yet thrilled. Professor Dennis and I still laugh about it when we get together.

The books “Spirit of Place” and “Seeking First the Kingdom” are available to purchase as a two-book set for $59 plus shipping and handling through the website

This set is a perfect gift for the NNU alumnus on your Christmas shopping list. Books are mailed FedEx standard shipping. Plan accordingly for delivery by Christmas.

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