NNU staff and students serving throughout the world

May 30, 2012, 4:40 pm

The following individuals will be serving throughout the world this summer.  Thank you for praying for them as they serve.  (Others may be serving in other summer assignments, but have not been in contact with our office.)

Crusader Choir:
Dr. Barry Swanson
Becky Swanson
Lollie Richardson
Katie Adams
Elise Anderson
Abbey Askren
Nicole Bouchard
Jordan Brawner
Nick Bullock
Emily Curty
Janna DeSimone
Trevor Douty
Brittany DiVincenzo
Erin Diefenbach
Carole Duryea
Devan Ellis
Stephen Field
Benjamin Gordon
Kevin Hale
Amos Hendershott
BJ Howard
Alex Jarratt
Brayden Kinzler
John Landaas
Marie Landaas
Sara Lawson
Jessie Lazer
Sarah Maine
Lani Nelson
Sarah Overcast
Jasquelyn Presnell
Andrew Sauter
Holly Sheffield
Paul Swidecki
Nathan Thomas
Stephanie Thomas
Autumn Tustin
Joanna Walker
Taylor Watson
Janae Wheatley
Carolyn Whiting
Elli Winslow
Andy Zane
Aaron Moschitto
Adam Freiburghaus
Angela Archer
Brittney Miller
Chris Peck
Jon Reimer
Kaitlyn Carlow
Nathan Knox

Covenant Summer Ministry Group
Aaron Moschitto
Adam Freiburghaus
Angela Archer
Brittney Miller
Chris Peck
Jon Reimer
Kaitlyn Carlow
Nathan Knox

Witness Summer Ministry Group
Autumn Tustin
Greyson Kilgore
Jordan Sevier
Michelle Borbe
Roman Lyon
Samantha Lundberg

Ukraine Mission Trip
Dr. Dan Lawrence
Kelly Cook
Samantha Hill
Corey Johnson
Chad Larson
Maria Martinez
Xaviera Martinez
Angela Myers
Cody Pearson
Robby Skinner
Brandon Snyder
Jessica Weaver

Ukraine Healthcare Mission Trip
Sara Patterson
Bonnie Zaroban
Chanette Fretwell
Graham Andrews
Kristen Clark
Kelley Cotner
Bethany Lierman
Josh Patterson
Kinberly Perez
Amanda Preston
Kelsie Thorngren

Ghana Mission Trip
Julene Tegerstrand
Thomas Atkin
Adam Freiburghaus
Timothy Greene
Roman Lyon
Katelyn Rusch
Courtney Schroeder
Robbie Schwenck
Christina Yang

Peru Engineering Extreme Mission Trip
Dr. Stephen Parke
David Vinson
Jesse Baggenstos

Youth in Mission
Ryan Harding
Kaitlyn Haley

Individual Ministry Opportunities

Alicia Bland: Children’s Pastor Orange First Church of the Nazarene;  Orange, Texas

Christabel Leonce: Children’s Church Teacher, ICM, College Church of the Nazarene, Nampa, Idaho

Nathan Luotonen: Internship Youth Ministry: Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Amanda Drinkard: Youth Pastor, West Point, Virginia.

Benjamin Doehle: Christian Ministry, National Parks: Grand Canyon National Park/Arizona

April Kerbyson, Youth Missions International : Tacoma, Wash.

Nelly Molina: Youth Pastor, Lake Placid Conference Center, Lake Placid, FL

Ryan O’Neill: Youth Internship, Yakima, Wash.

Tiffany Anderson: GRACE Inc, Grande Plain, Haiti

Becca Spivey: Intern, Victory Praise and Worship Church of the Nazarene, Pascagoula, MS

Bernadette Anderson: Summer Ministry in E St Louis, IL

Steven Hensinger: Pastoral Internship, Cypress Wesleyan Church, Galloway, Ohio

Amina Chinnell, Salvation Army Camp Arnold Counselor, Eatonville, Wash.

David Ching: Senior Pastor of  Fellowship Church of the Nazarene; Houston, MS

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