Library Faculty & Staff

LaRita Schandorff
Liaison librarian for:

  • School of Nursing & Health Sciences
  • School of Science and Mathematics
  • Dept. of Education (Undergrad & Grad)
  • Dept of Social Work (Undergrad & Grad)
  • Dept. of Communication Studies
  • Dept. of English

Amy Rice
Liaison librarian for:

  • School of Business
  • School of Theology & Christian Ministries
  • Dept. of Counseling
  • Dept. of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice
  • Dept. of History & Political Science
  • School of Fine Arts

Your liaison librarian can help you with:

  • Setting up reserve reading materials.
  • Finding e-resources for your Angel Courses.
  • Creating a web page with resources specifically designed to support your course or program.
  • Collaborating with you to create assignments which help your students develop critical research skills of finding, evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing information.
  • Locating resources for your personal research projects.
  • Locating appropriate journals and publisher contact information for submitting your professional articles.
  • Purchasing resources (books, journals, and other media) for library collection to support your curriculum.
  • Copyright questions.

 rev. 8/19/11

Library Use

Course Reserves

Please see the Course Reserve PDF document for information on the course reserve service. Reserve books or documents for a course.

Library Use

NNU Faculty & Staff 
All current and retired NNU employees enjoy full library privileges. Currenty employees must present a valid NNU photo identification card, or will be issued a borrower's card upon presentation of another form of photo ID. When checking ouf material, retired employees must present either an NNU photo ID or the library borrower's card and another form of photo ID. 

NNU Employee Spouse & Dependents 
Upon completion of a registration form and presentation of NNU identification or other form of photo ID, employee spouses will be issued a borrower's card. Dependents under the age of 16 must have a valid NNU dependent card, must complete a registration form, and the parent or guardian must complete a permission form.

Interlibrary Loan 
Faculty have unlimited access to interlibrary loan for the purpose of professional development or instructional support. Requests for dissertations are handled on a case by case basis. Please contact the library or consult the Interlibrary Loan Policy for more complete information. WorldCat is a great tool to use to search for books and many other kinds of resources. An ILL request form is integrated into WorldCat as well as the journal databases.

Book and Periodical Orders

All requests for new materials, questions about budget, and availibility of materials should be directed to your liaison librarian. All orders should be placed by March 31st of each year so that materials can be received and funds dispersed by the end of the fiscal year on June 30. Requests can be sent by email to your liaison or sent by campus mail via a brochure or catalog that you have marked. You will be notified by Coral Mattei, Technical Services Supervisor, when the items have been processed and are available for use.

Library Instruction

Library faculty are available to teach class sessions for students, faculty, and staff on the research process, specific databases, or orientations to the physical building and collections. They can assist faculty in developing assignments and learning experiences that will enable students to reach learning objectives. Librarians regularly teach introductory strategies for research and resources to students in English 2020 (Freshman/Sophomore Composition) and some Cornerstone classes. However, sessions on more sophisticated and specialized information strategies in subject-specific areas are encouraged. Contact the library and ask for your liaison to discuss your needs.

Linking Library Resources to your Angel Course

To comply with copyright guidelines for Fair Use in education be sure you either link to full text articles and books or obtain the permission of the author. The library has thousands of e-books and full text articles via the library catalog and subscription databases. If you have a known article which you would like to link to your liaison librarian will be happy to help you articles in electronic databases. Linking to articles