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Meet Nathaniel

Investing in their dreams
Nathaniel’s degrees in political science and history will equip him to create policies that will transform the community he once lived in. For students like Nathaniel, college can seem out of reach. And it would have been without the financial assistance made available by NNU’s donors.

“I’ve had some struggles to make ends meet and continue my time here as a student,” Nathaniel reflects. “When I was a sophomore, my father was unemployed and my mother’s hours were cut. We owed a lot of money. I received a call from the Financial Aid Office, and a scholarship had been granted that met my need almost to the exact dollar. It was such a blessing because it wasn’t really that much relatively, but it was enough to cover my needs.”

Every student—and every gift—matters

Being a part of a large body doesn’t make you insignificant. Nathaniel found that to be true at NNU. “I shared at Time Out [NNU’s studentled worship gathering] that I believe I’m like a cog in a machine. Without me, this atmosphere—this community, this place—would be different.”

Like Nathaniel’s contribution to the NNU community, your gift, no matter the size, can have an impact beyond what you imagine.

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Meet Kindra

Kindra knew she wanted to be in the medical field from an early age, but it was cemented for her in high school when she was the first to arrive on the scene of a car accident. “I couldn’t handle not knowing how to help, and I didn’t want to be in that situation again.”

Now Kindra is in her junior year at NNU as a pre-med major, being prepared and encouraged to do what she loves. As a summer researcher on a team studying MRSA infections, she has been involved in studies that will affect lives. “I’ll never see the patients that will be affected,” she says, “but it’s an amazing experience—not everybody gets the opportunity to help like that.” And all before she’s even received her degree.

In the classroom, she’s being prepared for medical school in more than just the traditional sense. “The atmosphere at NNU has helped to give me confidence. I’m not afraid to ask questions or go out there and do what I need to.”

After her early graduation next fall, Kindra plans to spend her extra semester in the mission field before going on to medical school.

Gifts to the University Fund provide students like Kindra with access to a quality Christian education so that they can make a difference in the world. It's truly one of the best investments you can make.

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