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Covenant is NNU's 8 member worship band. They lead worship at churches and camps but also perform full concerts featuring Christian music that ranges from traditional to contemporary pieces. To book Covenant at your church or event, please contact Carly Bartlett at cbartlett(at)

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Dorothy Ackerman

Name: Dorothy LeeAnn Ackerman
Hometown: Great Falls, MT
Home Church: Great Falls First Church of the Nazarene
Major: Chemistry
Class: 2013- just graduated!
Career Goal: Obtain a PhD in organic chemistry and work in industry discovering and developing new pharmaceutical agents, and then retire to become a professor
Favorite thing about NNU: I don't know that I can narrow it down to just one thing that is my favorite about NNU because there are so many! But I would have to sum it up by saying the people at NNU are my favorite part. From caring professors to friends that encourage and support me, I have been blessed in so many ways! 
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 37: 23-24: "If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand."
Hobbies: Anything outdoors or involving sports, music, hanging out with friends, basking in the sunlight, reading good books, watching chick flicks, and shopping
Most influential person in my life: For the last few years at NNU, Dr. Anstine has been the most influential person in my life. He convinced me to switch my major to chemistry, and I would never want to go back. He has also been a constant source of godly wisdom as I have encountered both joyful and heart-wrenching times through college. Dr. Anstine has gone above and beyond his job as professor and has embraced his calling to shape young lives both spiritually and intellectually. He has pushed me to discover my full potential and realize my constant need for Jesus.
One quirky fact about me: I have floated in zero gravity for a total of 10 minutes! I have also experienced martian and lunar gravity.

Angela Archer

Name: Angela Monique Archer
Hometown: Auburn, CA
Home Church: Parkside Church of the Nazarene
Major: Christian Ministries and Music Theory
Class: Junior
Career Goal: To go wherever God leads me and help people! 
Favorite Thing About NNU: The smiles, the people, the professors, the love, the prayer, and everything else about the relationships we get to develop! Also, there's really cute squirrels that are just fun to watch! 
Favorite Scripture: John 3:16-17
Hobbies: Coffee, friends, movies, music, fun things...
Most influential person in my life: Definitely my mom. She has been through so much, yet she has stayed strong and has been the best role model I could ask for. Her faith inspires me, the way she loves is contagious, and she's just all around wonderful! 
One Quirky Fact About Me:

Spencer Hassman

Name: Spencer Hassman
Hometown: Portland, OR
Home Church: Portland First Church of the Nazarene
Major: Pre-Med and Political Science
Class: Junior
Career Goal: Be a great doctor!... Or professor. Or lawyer.... Or something. Maybe build guitars. 
Favorite thing about NNU: The amazing people that inhabit it! And the fact that just being who I am is cool.
Favorite Scripture: John 16:32-33.
Hobbies:  Just about everything you can think of, but I really love the outdoors, movies, music, technology, friends, and Star Wars. 
Most influential person in my life: My dear ol' Dad! (That one was for you, Dad) He's taught me what it means to have a servant's heart, to be a child of God, and a man of integrity; and he's done so not only through words, but by living out his commitment to Christ, his family, and others every single day.
One quirky fact about me: I'm a huge nerd... I can practically quote the Star Wars movies, I've beaten every Halo game at least three times, and I legitimately used to write in Elvish... I'm also terrible at Monopoly.  

Lucas Lyon

Name: Lucas Lyon
Hometown: Colfax, WA
Home Church: Colfax Nazarene 
Major: Elementary Education 
Class: Sophomore
Career Goal: Be like Mr. Feeny
Favorite thing about NNU: Dr. Gismondi 
Favorite Scripture: Hebrews 11
Hobbies: Watching Television, watching television shows, and watching the TV. 
Most influential person in my life: My 3 older brothers. They are all pretty sound guys. 
One quirky fact about me: I'm colorblind, I don't have peripheral vision in my left eye, and I can't really smell anything... Ever. 

Becca Roberts

Name: Rebecca Roberts
Hometown: Boise, ID; but lived in South Korea for the last 6 years.
Home Church: Eagle Church of the Nazarene
Major: Elementary Education
Class: Sophomore
Career Goal: Start out teaching elementary school and trust the Lord to guide me from there.
Favorite thing about NNU: The family like community and the super fun student events that are happening constantly throughout the entire year.
Favorite Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, playing the piano, laughing, playing sports, playing board games, laughing some more, hanging out with friends, eating delicious food, and laughing again.
Most influential person in my life: Both of my parents.  I admire them in so many different ways and could not choose 1 that I look up to more than the other.  They fully rely on the Holy Spirit to guide them in all that they do, and are consistently loving and understanding towards me, my sister, and everyone else they encounter.
One quirky fact about me: I don't like butterflies.

Olivia Temple

Name: Olivia Kate Temple
Hometown: Carson City, Nevada
Home Church: Lifepoint NV
Major: Public Relations and Political Science 
Class: Sophomore
Career Goal: Press Agent, or something of the like.
Favorite thing about NNU: The professors! They are all so competent and wonderful. They are ready to see you succeed, and they want to encourage you spiritually as well.
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 40:3 
Hobbies:  Singing, coffee, learning, writing, talking with pretty much anyone and everyone, pinterest, laughing, worshiping, coffee, random dancing, music, reading political novels, and good coffee.
Most influential person in my life: My entire family has shaped me into who I am today, but I would say my mom has been the most influential. She has taught me a lot and is just awesome in general. 
One quirky fact about me: My favorite show is Good Luck Charlie!

Miles Wilson

Name: Miles Fredrick Wilson.
Hometown: Salem, Oregon.
Home Church: Salem First Church of the Nazarene.
Major: Music Industry.
Class: Sophomore.
Career Goal: Recording Engineer.
Favorite thing about NNU: NNU is quirktastic & I love it. 
Favorite Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
Hobbies: Creating music, recording, making art, being ridiculous, drinking coffee, organizing various items, adventuring, thrifting, & laughing. 
Most influential person in my life: My dad. He's rad.  
One quirky fact about me: Apparently it's impossible to lick your own elbow, however, I possess the ability to do so. I defy the laws of science. You just tried it, didn't you? 

Paul Zukowski

Name: Paul Zukowski
Hometown: Salem, Or
Home Church: Salem First Church of the Nazarene
Major: Physics
Class: Sophomore
Career Goal: Research scientist
Favorite thing about NNU: The community is incredible!
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 51
Hobbies: Music, reading, cycling
Most influential person in my life: My dad. He's taught me through thick and thin what it really means and takes to be a man of God, and be strong through my faith in Christ.
One quirky fact about me: I can bark like a little dog

Witness is NNU's 5 member camps group. Witness travels throughout the Northwest region helping at various Christian summer camps and church outreach events. Witness is a unique group that spends most of its time getting dirty and working in the trenches of camps without much glory. The members of Witness have a broad range of talents that are uniquely suited for helping counsel students, helping with worship teams, performing drama sketches, and most of all, showing Christ to all of the people with whom they come into contact.

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Liz Beaty

Name: Miss Elizabeth Ann Beaty
Hometown: Salem, Oregon
Home Church: Salem First Church of the Nazarene 
Major: Nursing, minor in History 
Class: Super Super Senior (that's right- 6 years folks!) 
Career Goal: Medical Missionary or Pediatric Nurse, but if that doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind being a Food Critic  
Favorite thing about NNU: The plethora of opportunities to get involved, try new things, and meet tons of great people who genuinely care about you
Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 6:8 
Hobbies: Traveling to far off countries, playing outside (when it is sunny, I kind of hate being cold), reading a thick novel in a hammock whilst sipping on an ice cold Arnold Palmer, eating fresh fruit, driving through the country with the windows down and country music blaring, playing my harmonica, scuba diving, anything athletic (except maybe cricket- it is kind of a worthless sport), and all that good stuff!
Most influential person in my life: This question is so unfair on so many levels and since I can't chose which one of my parents has been the most influential, I am going to go with Julene Tegerstrand. She is my spiritual mentor, confidant, and running partner (if I can keep up with her!). Julene has taught me how to be still before the Lord while still actively pursuing Him, she has challenged me to become a better person and a stronger leader here on campus, and she has taught me to be content and fully embrace the Lord's Will in my life with unabashed joy.   
One quirky fact about me: I am probably the world's fastest fast walker, seriously, I'm so fast!

Shaun Hall

Name: Shaun Hall
Hometown: Bremerton, Washington
Home Church: Bremerton Church of the Nazarene
Major: Social Work
Class: Junior
Career Goal: listen, love, serve
Favorite thing about NNU: living in community and unlimited chocolate milk
Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 4:14-16
Hobbies: biking, hiking, getting sun burnt, trying new things
Most influential person in my life: Joe Kennedy
One quirky fact about me: I played World of Warcraft for 7 years of my life... I haven't been back to Azeroth since. 

Cody Henderson

Name: Cody Henderson
Hometown: Green River, Wyoming
Home Church: Hilltop Baptist Church
Major: Secondary education in Kinesiology and health
Class: Senior
Career Goal: Graduate with teaching degree and after that I will follow where ever God takes me.
Favorite thing about NNU: My favorite part about NNU is the Christ centered community aspect that it has. I have made some of the best friends anybody could ask for at my time at NNU and they  are constantly pushing me to be my best.
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 32:8 The LORD says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you."
Hobbies: Track & Field, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, archery, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, foursquare, extreme croquet, turtle racing, kangaroo boxing, horseshoes, and badminton
Most influential person in my life: The most influential person in my life is my Dad. My Dad has been my example of what a man of God looks and acts like and is the person that I would most aspire to be like. He has taught me the value of trusting God, hard work, and other useful things such as how to shoot or ride a horse.
One quirky fact about me: I <3 Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood songs.

Ella Jamieson

Name: Ella Jamieson
Hometown: Kirkland, Washington
Home Church: Kirkland Church of the Nazarene
Major: Graphic Design
Class: Junior
Career Goal: Photographer for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Magazine
Favorite thing about NNU: All of my new friends
Favorite Scripture: Sermon on the mount
Hobbies: laughing, designing, photographing, dancing & singing terribly
Most influential person in my life: My amazing mother Linda
One quirky fact about me: I am deathly afraid of flies

Jessica Whittaker

Name: Jessica Joy Whittaker
Hometown: Meridian, Idaho
Home Church: Boise Vineyard
Major: Elementary Education
Class: Junior 
Career Goal: I'm studying Elementary Education... however, I'd love to stick around NNU post graduation and work as an Admissions Counselor or RD for one of our dorms. I truly am open to whatever God has for me though, because I know that where He takes me will be better than what I've planned for myself. :)
Favorite thing about NNU: Community! Everyone says it, but its totally true! I love that we have such a close-knit campus. I can walk from class to class and say hello to just about everyone I pass. My Professors truly care about me as an individual and ask how they can pray for me. Late night "study sessions" and random dance parties in the dorms just complete the experience. I could probably go on forever, but I'll stop there... come to campus to see more. :)
Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Hobbies: Eating ice cream, wearing scarves, riding my bike, soaking in sunshine, sipping coffee, worshiping Jesus, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, painting my nails, enjoying nature, Instagram-ming (feel free to follow my summer adventures @jsscjwhttkr :) ), shopping, talking naps, smiling, eating good food, laughing, decorating my home/room for different seasons (especially Christmas!), singing songs, being sassy and silly.
Most influential person in my life: My mom!!! She is such a great example and inspiration to me. She is adorable and hilarious, but she is also been very influential in my spiritual formation. I can talk to her about pretty much anything at any time of day. No matter what happens, she always has a good attitude and focuses on Christ. I look up to her so much and I hope to be a good mom like her someday.
One quirky fact about me: I don't like it when my food touches. I adore the kiddie-separator trays because they keep all my foods apart from one another, and the juices don't flow together. However, God has been stretching me in this area, and I'm sure as I travel around this summer I will continue to grow. :)

Covenant Travel Schedule





June 10-14

Intermountain Sr. High Camp

Cascade, Idaho

Sunday, June 16

10:45 a.m.

Great Falls First Nazarene

Great Falls, MT

Monday, June 17

7:00 p.m.

Whitefish Nazarene

Whitefish, MT

Tuesday, June 18

7:00 p.m.

Missoula Nazarene

Missoula, MT 

Wednesday, June 19

6:30 p.m.

Moscow Nazarene

Moscow, ID

Friday, June 21

7:00 p.m.

Spokane First Nazarene

Spokane, WA

Sunday, June 23

8:30 & 10 a.m.

Sandpoint Nazarene

Sandpoint, ID

Sunday, June 23

7:00 p.m.

Colfax Nazarene

Colfax, WA

Monday, June 24

6:00 p.m.

Connell Nazarene

Connell, WA

Tuesday, June 25

7:00 p.m.

Coeur d'Alene Nazarene

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Wednesday, June 26

6:30 p.m.

Yakima West Valley Nazarene

Yakima, WA

Thursday, June 27

7:00 p.m.

Kennewick Nazarene

Kennewick, WA

Sunday, June 30

9:30 & 11 a.m.

Marysville Nazarene

Marysville, WA

Sunday, June 30

6:00 p.m.

Longview Nazarene

Longview, WA

Monday, July 1

7:00 p.m.

Enumclaw Nazarene

Enumclaw, WA

Wednesday, July 3

6:00 p.m.

Puyallup Nazarene

Puyallup, WA

Thursday, July 4

6:30 p.m.

Seattle First Nazarene

Seattle, WA

Sunday, July 7

10:00 a.m.

Albany Grace Point Nazarene

Albany, OR

Sunday, July 7

6:00 p.m.

Newport Nazarene

Newport, OR

Wednesday, July 10

6:30 p.m.

Carson Nazarene

Carson, WA

Friday, July 12

6:30 p.m.

Hermiston First Nazarene

Hermiston, OR

Sunday, July 14

9:15 & 11 a.m.

Salem First Nazarene

Salem, OR

Sunday, July 14

6:00 p.m.

Eugene Fairfield Nazarene

Eugene, OR

July 15-19

Oregon Pacific Sr. High Camp

Oakland, OR

Sunday, July 21

9 & 10:45 a.m.

Olympia Mt. View Nazarene

Olympia, WA

Sunday, July 21

6:00 p.m.

Bremerton Nazarene

Bremerton, WA

July 22-26

Washington Pacific Jr. High Camp

Port Orchard, WA

Sunday, July 28

10:30 a.m.

Portland First Nazarene

Portland, OR

Sunday, July 28

6:00 p.m.

Vancouver Hillcrest Nazarene

Vancouver, WA

July 29 - Aug. 2

Oregon Pacific Jr. High Camp

Oakland, OR

Sunday, Aug. 4

11:00 a.m.

Spokane Valley Nazarene

Spokane, WA

Aug. 5-9

Northwest District Camp

Cusick, WA

Witness Travel Schedule




June 8-11

Colorado District Camp

Divide, CO

June 12

Tower Community Fellowship

Aurora, CO

June 14-16

Salt Lake City Service Projects

Salt Lake City, UT

June 17-21

NNU Service Week

Nampa, ID

June 19

Vineyard Boise Visit

Boise, ID

June 21

Vida Nueva Visit

Nampa, ID

June 23-28

Camp Attitude

Foster, OR

June 30

Kirkland Life Church

Kirkland, WA

June 30

Bremerton Nazarene

Bremerton, WA

July 1-2

Church of the Undignified

Seattle, WA

July 3-5

Seattle First Nazarene

Seattle, WA

July 6-7

Freedom Festival

Leavenworth, WA

July 9-14

Colorado District Mission Trip to OKC

Oklahoma City, OK

July 15-19

Alaska Sr. High Camp

Big Lake, AK

July 22-26

Intermountain Jr. High Camp

Cascade, ID

July 28-Aug. 2

Camp Jonah

The Dalles, OR

Aug. 5-9

Rocky Mountain District Camp

Bozeman, MT