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Why support Northwest Nazarene University? Although alumuni, parents, friends, and institutional partners of NNU all have their own compelling answer to this question, there are some overriding motivations that many of our donors share. Our donors want to give back to the University (or college) that helped make them who they are today.

They also want to give forward: helping the next generation of students from across the nation and around the world become part of the NNU community, and helping our outstanding faculty and staff prepare students to make a difference. They want to support NNU's interdisciplinary research, which is making lives better, and seeking out new answers to old questions. And they want to support President David Alexander's vision of a campus that seeks a more excellent way, to be a transformative learning community expressing the love of Jesus by forming scholars, nurturing disciples, serving the Church, shaping the culture, redeeming the world.

Provide Opportunities

Through your gifts, NNU strives to make joining our community affordable for all deserving students. Sometimes $100 makes all the difference.

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Advance Knowledge

Research opportunities and brilliant faculty prepare and equip students to make a difference, both at NNU and beyond.

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Create a Legacy

It is almost impossible to measure the number of lives that can be affected by just one endowed scholarship.

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