The 100 year history of NNU is best exemplified in the variety of stories all the friends, alumni, students, faculty, and staff tell about this place. Often better than any photo or video explaining similar circumstances, we appreciate the sharing of a nuance, the memories of faculty and staff from years before, the stories from alumni that stay connected.


A Passion For Excellence

Remembered for her legendary academic standards, her quiet piety and her Bostonian accent, Professor Marian Washburn dedicated her life to Northwest Nazarene College.

Remembering Dr. Elwood Sanner

The Sanner name is still remembered for excellence in service and mentoring.

Hagood heist

Had security detail been anywhere in the vicinity of the administration building at 2:00 a.m. that night, they would have seen the two black-clad figures sprinting at full speed from the building to a nearby car....

Keep them shining

'Tonight, I see the stars shining in your eyes as you dream of fulfilling the call that God has placed in your hearts.'

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Being a "Poe"

We had the good fortune to be paired with Mike and Carol Poe and their children—three-year-old Jayna and three-month old Robbie. That pairing changed our lives.

Memories of chapel

Dr. Smith spoke in a Wiley Lecture Series, I believe, as part of our chapel, and he preached on the love of God—a love so astounding that one simply couldn’t resist responding back in love.

Hearts tuned to sing God’s grace

We sang without a mixer board or headsets. All we used were our voices and the glorious hymns sung for years by folks raising their hands and hankies.

To Uganda and back again

My time at NNU undoubtedly formed me into the person I am today. Perhaps one of the most influential experiences was the opportunity I had to study abroad in Mukono, Uganda during the fall semester of my junior year.

The Melodaires’ dare

During my college years, I “worked the switchboard” in the Administration Building and L. Wesley Johnson was my supervisor. I quickly learned that he had a sense of humor….

Ms. Demmer's assistant

Nineteen years old, my first time away from home, unclear about a profession, homesick and confused, I found myself with a D- at mid-term during the second term of my freshman year in Professor Juanita Demmer’s German class.

Dr. Sharpton's motorcycle

All of us could easily see a huge tire print running across the page! Dr. Sharpton continued returning homework assignments with a slight grin on his face….


It started my freshman year when I snuck out of Morrison and threw eggs at a boys’ dorm. The reason for the operation was so vitally important that I cannot for the life of me remember why we did it.