Spirit of Place cover art

Spirit Of Place

Spirit of Place is the work of editor Gaymon Bennett, NNU Professor of English, Emeritus and Paul Kinsman, NNU Professor of Art. This remarkable book is a visual and anecdotal snapshot of the unique people and events from across the years; all of which have come to make NNU what it is. The work is organized around eight themes: Community, Sacrifice, Life, Learning, Love, Laughter, People, Transformation. It’s a joy to page through, remember and give thanks.


Seeking First The Kingdom cover art

Seeking First The Kingdom: A Centennial History

Author Richard Etulain has written a historical narrative on the occasion of Northwest Nazarene University’s Centennial. In this work Dr. Etulain has marked the milestones in a one hundred year journey, highlighted the heroes and remembered the faithful. His skill as a well-written historian of the American West, coupled with the fact that he writes of his alma mater, make for interesting reading, filled with a sense of context, insight and wit. Design by Paul Kinsman.


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