Celebrate Founder’s Day September 13

June 19, 2013, 10:54 am

Founder’s Day, September 13, 2013, marks the exact day the Idaho Holiness School, the school that would become NNU, held its first class. A weeklong celebration starting September 9 will remember those individuals who offered their time and possessions to make 100 years (36,527 days, including leap years) of Christian education in the northwest possible.

Those attending the picnic and outdoor concert on Friday, September 13 will receive the second of a five piece series of Centennial keepsake pins; the first was given out during the time capsule reveal. For each of the remaining four centennial events, a pin will be given to attendees, with the final pin given during the Birthday Bash at Homecoming & Family Weekend 2013 in November.

Make plans to take part in the Founder’s Week celebration in September!