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2013-14 Student Insurance

Northwest Nazarene University highly recommends that all students have primary health insurance.  If you do not have insurance and would like some helpful tips on finding the appropriate policy for you, please visit:

The Idaho Insurance Exchange is expected to be enrolling participants as early as October 2013.  For more information on Idaho-specific options, please go to:

Need help understanding health insurance?  Basic information can be found at this sight:


2013-14 International Student Insurance

All International Students are required to have an international student health insurance policy covering you throughout your stay in the U.S.

Minimum policy requirements: 

  • coverage for the entire school year
  • policy must meet the Department of Homeland Security's requirements for J-1 visas (applies to both J-1 and F-1 students)
  • have at least $50,000 per accident/illness
  • $7500 for repatriation coverage
  • $10,000 for medical evacuation coverage
  • a deductible not to exceed $500 for accident/illness

Additionally, please confirm that the insurance company to be used has an "A" rating as found at 22 Code of Federal Regulations, part 62 (see link below).  If your sponsor is insuring you, please provide a copy of the policy and/or brochure, including exclusions and the rating of the policy.

Partial school year policies will not be accepted unless you are not continuing in the U.S. for the entire school year.  If you have not already purchased a health insurance policy, here is a tool to help you find current options:

The U.S. healthcare system is one of the best in the world but it can be difficult to navigate and it can be expensive.  To become better informed about healthcare in the U.S., please see this video: