NNU Mental Health Policy

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NNU Mental Health Policy

Periodically, some student's involvement with Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) is seriously impacted by certain emotional/mental problems that cannot be adequately addressed by the existing institutional policies and resources. For this reason, a procedure needs to be in place to facilitate addressing these mental health concerns. Specifically, these issues center around students who are experiencing or have experienced intensely serious emotional/mental problems ( i.e., psychosis, disruptive eating patterns which appear life threatening, attempts to hurt themselves or someone else,) and want to attend or return to NNU after such occurrence.

This situation presents a number of relevant concerns. These students will most often require some sort of after-care. Often such students may put either themselves or others at risk and/or could create a potential institutional liability if they have not stabilized.


The student who is hospitalized and released for mental health concerns or who has demonstrated severe mental health concerns (i.e., a psychotic episode, attempts or threats to hurt themselves, a life-threatening disruptive eating pattern, etc.) will have to provide evidence that she or he is in stable mental health before returning to or continuing at NNU. The student will need to secure and show evidence of appropriate psychological/psychiatric/counseling care and aftercare to attend NNU. This would include hospital discharge papers (if hospitalized) and a statement from the mental health professional providing continuing care. In severe situations, a student may be required to stay out at least the balance of the semester or until the student can be shown to be in stable mental health. In any case, the student must be receiving on-going and current mental health care , to remain or to be re-admitted to NNU.  Re-admission or remaining in school is subject to the approval of the VP for Student Development and the Director of the Counseling Center.

Note: This policy is designed to address only the very extreme situations. Most disruptive behavior such as threats to others will be handled by the appropriate NNU disciplinary process whenever possible.