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Soccer Rules


  • Games will be played 7 vs. 7.
  • At least 1 girl must be on the field at all times for each team.  If a team does not have a girl present to play, they must play with 6 players.
  •  There may be no more than three varsity athletes on a team.
  • Varsity NNU athletes may not participate in their own sport (NNU soccer players may not participate in intramural soccer)
  • Only players on a team's roster may be allowed to play, unless agreed upon by both teams prior to the game.  This agreement must also be clearly understood by the refs/intramural staff at the game.  The result in illegal players is a forfeit of the game.
  • Goals can be scored from anywhere inside the field of play.  Any time the ball completely crosses the goal line it will count as a goal, no matter who hit the ball in.
  • A cone will be placed at each ‘corner’ of the playing field to determine corner kicks/goal kicks or throw-ins. 
  • The entire circumference of the ball must cross the line for it to be out of bounds.  Balls that go out of bounds on the sidelines must be thrown in with two hands over the head and both feet on the ground when the ball leaves the throwers hand.  Balls that go over the endline will be kicked in as either a corner kick or a goal kick, depending on the team that last touched the ball. 
  • Kicking the ball when it is near an opponent’s head will be a dangerous play and will result in a free kick against the offending team.
  • Slide tackling will not be allowed and will result in a yellow card to the offending player and a free kick against the offending team.  A second yellow card is equal to a red card.  Upon recieving a red card the player must leave the field immediately, is not allowed to participate in the next game, and their team must play a player down for the remainder of the game.  A slide tackle from behind will result in an ejection from the game. The offending player will receive a red card and will be required to sit out of their next game.
  • Holding an opponent, kicking an opponent, pushing an opponent, or handling the ball (from the shoulder down to the fingers) will result in a foul and a free kick against the offending team. Intentionally handling a ball that would have gone into the goal will result in an automatic goal scored against the offending team.
  • All free kicks are direct, meaning that you can score directly off of the kick.
  • All throw-ins are indirect, meaning that at least one other person must touch the ball before it goes into the net.
  • Games will consist of two 20 minute periods with a maximum 5 minute half time.  Following half time the teams will switch sides.  During the regular season, games will end following the second 20 minute period, regardless of score. (Win/Loss/Tie) 
  •  The offsides rule is not in effect.

In playoff games, sudden victory overtime periods lasting 5 minutes will be played.  The first team to score wins.  As many of these periods as are necessary to determine a winner will be played, with teams switching sides between each period. Play resumes with kick-off at the start of each period.


  • Flip a coin to determine who gets kick-off for the first half.  The team that lost the coin toss will get kick-off at the start of the second half.  Kick off at the beginning of each period is the only time the ball will start in the middle of the field. The defending team must give 5 yards of space on kick-off.
  • Any abusive language or actions toward the ref or other players will result in an ejection from the game.  Further disciplinary actions may follow depending on the offense.