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Prior to 2006, Northwest Nazarene University had no recycling program. With the establishment of the club “NNU Recycles,” the recycling program has evolved from a student driven collection to a university sponsored and sustained program. The program is still young and evolving so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As a university, we hope to continue growing in our responsibility of sustainability.

Personal Recycling Boxes

Personal recycling boxes will be provided for any member of the NNU community. Designed and printed by the NNU Recycling Club, all recyclables can be stored in these boxes and deposited in one of the blue bins located around campus or the green recycling dumpster.

Blue Bin Collection

Approved recyclables may be placed in blue recycling bins located around campus.  Recyclables do not need to be separated, with the exception of glass which will have their own receptacles.

Recycling Dumpster

Bins will be emptied into the green recycling dumpster by our custodial and grounds staff. The dumpster is located behind the Student Center. All recyclables may be placed here with the exception of glass and cardboard. Cardboard must be flattened and stored behind the fence.

What Items Are Accepted?

  • Newspapers and inserts: magazines, catalogs, and glossy pages only.
  • Aluminum and steel (tin) cans: empty cans must be rinsed. Labels may remain on cans. Aerosol cans must be empty (pesticide and chemical cans are prohibited, but can be disposed of at any household hazardous waste mobile collection site).
  • Mixed Paper: white or pastel paper (neon colored paper is NOT accepted), non-corrugated boxes (paperboard from cereal and frozen food boxes) with liners removed, phonebooks, carbonless (NCR) forms, envelopes (with and without windows), junk mail, construction paper (without glitter/glue), greeting cards (no foil), brochures, office waste paper, computer paper, fax paper, paper bags, candy boxes (remove liners), wrapping paper (no foil), lined school paper.
  • Plastics: all plastics with a number of 1-7 on the bottom of the container. Discard caps from bottles. No filmy plastic, grocery bags, vinyl, or Styrofoam will be accepted.
  • Corrugated cardboard: Break boxes down to no larger than 4' x 4'.
  • Wood: All wood free of metal (nails, staples, and screws are okay.)
  • Glass: May be placed in specifically labeled "Glass" bins. DO NOT mix with other recyclables. If glass bins are full, e-mail

What Items Are Not Accepted?

  • Aluminum (tin) foil
  • Paper plates & cups
  • Styrofoam/Packaging
  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Food-contaminated containers as well as milk or juice cartons
  • Pizza boxes and foil-lined items like cookie and chip bags
  • Plastic Bags - e.g. dry cleaning, grocery & carrot bags
  • Paint & other cans with caution words on labels