HIV / AIDS Policy

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Northwest Nazarene University is a Christian institution committed to providing a safe environment in which all students and employees can live, learn and work without fear of harassment or other forms of discrimination based upon HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection or AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Although we hold to a Christian world view, and in this way differ from secular institutions, we are aware that we do not operate in a vacuum and have an obligation to address such contemporary socio-cultural issues using Christian principals.

This HIV/AIDS policy is designed to address the concerns and needs of students and employees and to preserve the rights of the members of the college community. This policy is based on the most recent information concerning HIV infection and AIDS, which indicates there is no known risk of transmission of HIV through ordinary work or study relationships and activities.This policy may be revised as more facts about the disease are discovered. 

Northwest Nazarene Universityís policy is to be consistent with and act in conjunction with applicable federal and state laws and standards.  Northwest Nazarene University will exercise reasonable care to protect the safety and health of its students, employees and community together with an ongoing commitment to education and counseling. 

The university accepts its responsibility to educate its students regarding HIV and AIDS. 

AIDS  is a serious progressive illness caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in which the immune system is disabled. Infection with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) may make a person highly vulnerable to serious and life-threatening conditions.  Presently, there is no known cure for AIDS. 

Transmission of the virus is highly associated with sexual intercourse with an infected person, IV injection using an infected needle, transfusions of infected blood, and transference to children through pregnancy or breast feeding. Casual contact has not been shown to result in the spread of the virus. 


1. Reasonable Accommodation
Northwest Nazarene University will make reasonable accommodation for employees and students with HIV infection or AIDS, as set forth in applicable non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws that protect persons with disabilities.  The university will make reasonable modifications or adjustments to the work or academic environment used by employees and students with HIV infection or AIDS.  Such modifications or adjustments must also ensure equal access to benefits and privileges afforded those without disabilities. 

2. Equal Opportunity
Northwest Nazarene University supports equality of educational and employment opportunity in accordance with federal and state law.  No person will be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment based on HIV infection.  Departments and units must comply with the following: 


  • Employees or applicants for employment who have HIV infection or AIDS will not be discriminated against in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, transfer, or any other terms and conditions of employment based on their disability.
  • Faculty members, instructors, or teaching personnel with HIV infection or AIDS will not be discriminated against in terms and conditions affecting their employment with the university based on their disability.
  • Employees with HIV infection or AIDS will be allowed to continue working as long as they are able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  • Students or applicants for study with HIV infection or AIDS will not be discriminated against in admissions or financial aid decisions based on their disability.
  • Students with HIV infection or AIDS will not be discriminated against based on their disabilities in education, residential, extracurricular, or other opportunities made available by the university. 

Students with HIV infection or AIDS will be allowed to continue studying as long as they are in compliance with all university rules and regulations. 

The Center for Disease Control of the U.S. Public Health Service (CDC) does not recommend the use of testing to screen for the presence of the HIV virus in employees, students, and applicants for employment or admission. Accordingly, it is the policy of this university not to conduct such tests, nor to require that such tests be taken.  Northwest Nazarene University does, however, encourage individuals who may have engaged in high-risk behavior to seriously consider being tested for their welfare. 

NNU will adhere to the legal requirements and obligations concerning confidentiality of medical records and will maintain the personal privacy of any student or employee who is antibody positive or is diagnosed as having AIDS or ARC.   No student or employee of Northwest Nazarene University will keep any list or record specifically identifying anyone who has been diagnosed as having HIV infection or AIDS.  An employee/studentís medical diagnosis and counseling records are personal information and such information, if known, shall not be released without the individualís written consent to release of information. State law, however, may require that any health professional that obtains a positive test for HIV must report it. 

If an individual chooses to self-identify his or her condition, the university will respond to that individual as it would for any other serious illness. 


  • Students/employees testing positive for HIV antibody or having been diagnosed as having AIDS or ARC, shall be permitted to attend classes and utilize university services in an unbiased manner.
  • Counseling and/or referrals to appropriate community services will be offered.
  • The university reserves the right to take whatever actions are, in its judgment, necessary or appropriate to protect persons from exposure to infection if the university becomes aware of activity that poses a significant risk of exposure. 

Unusual situations may arise when a personís medical condition may affect public health and safety, making modified or limited access to certain facilities, activities, or services necessary. Such determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis, after careful consideration of the particular facts. 

As protection for members of the university community, departments must follow safety guidelines promulgated by the United States Public Health Service and Occupational Safety and Health Administration for the handling of blood, blood products, or other bodily fluids.  Any employee or student self-identifying his/her health status and holding a position involving the risk of contamination or infectious disease will be provided education to take safety precautions. 

Any employee or student found to have violated Northwest Nazarene Universityís policy on AIDS, or found guilty of discriminating or harassing an individual afflicted with AIDS, as determined by the appropriate decision-making body, will be subject to existing disciplinary mechanisms and procedures, including possible suspension, terminations or expulsion.  Any employee or student with HIV infection or AIDS who believes that he/she is being discriminated against or harassed, knows or suspects the occurrence of AIDS discrimination or harassment, or desires counseling for coping with potential harassment, is strongly urged and encouraged to immediately contact the universityís Director of Counseling. 

This policy will be changed as necessary to reflect additional information necessary.

Violations will be regarded as a serious breach of integrity with this community to which each member has voluntarily chosen to associate.