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Chapel/Convocation Policy

It is the policy of the University that all undergraduate students be encouraged to attend regularly scheduled chapel/convocation services.  Such attendance encourages a sense of community, and makes the student aware of issues relevant both to the student and the world outside the University.  

1. Place and time of chapel/convocation services.  Unless otherwise indicated by the University, chapel/convocations are held at the Swayne Auditorium and at a time set by the University.

2. Attendance recording.  Student ID cards must be scanned as students enter and exit chapel to receive proper credit. Failure to bring a working ID card will result in a loss of credit. Broken or lost ID cards can be replaced in Media Services, Wiley Learning Center.  Students who anticipate that they cannot comply with requirements regarding chapel attendance should contact the Office of Student Development to apply for a reduction. 

3. Late arrivals.  Students entering a chapel/convocation no less than 10 minutes late may still scan in. Three late-arrivals are counted as one absence.   

4. Standard attendance requirements.  

*Full-time Students
(12+ credits) = 32 

*Part-time Off-campus Students
(7-11 credits)  = 14 (No reduction form needed)

*Non-traditional Students
(25+ yrs old @ the beginning of the semester) = 16

*Non-traditional Students
(30+ years old @ the beginning of the semester) = 0
Reduction form needed for now! 

*Parents (w/ kids ages 12 or under) = 14
(A reduction form must be filled out at the beginning of each academic year.  It will be automatically renewed second semester.) 

*Graduating Seniors (final semester only) = 22
(No reduction form needed)

*Part-time off-campus students
(6 credits or less) = 0
(No reduction form needed) 

*Post-Bac & Grad students = 0
(No reduction form needed)

5. Exceptions to standard attendance requirements.    Exceptions to standard attendance requirements for chapel/convocation attendance may be granted by the University, upon the student�s timely submission to the Office of Student Development, in the following cases:

1.  Outside Employment

* Full-time worker (35+ hrs/wk) = 14.

* Part-time worker (25-35 hrs/wk) = 21.
   Off-campus= 14.  On-campus= NO Reduction
   *6 academic credits or less
   Off-campus = 0    On-campus= NO Reduction

2.  School-sponsored field experience or internship assignments.  Reductions will be based on necessary chapel hour conflicts. 

3.  Required school-sponsored trips.   Out-of-town school-sponsored trips are potentially eligible for attendance credit (at the discretion of the supervising faculty member) once he/she submits a list of students (with ID numbers) for consideration. 

4. Students dropping to part-time (please notify our office if you change to part time after the start of the semester)

*7-11 academic credits

REDUCTION APPLICATION DEADLINE: the Friday following the last day to add classes w/o a fee.

Approved reductions do not remain in effect without being renewed EACH SEMESTER. Any disputes or changes regarding chapel attendance must be resolved before the end of the semester.

6. Alternatives to chapel/convocation attendance.  The University believes that there are alternative community building options to attendance at chapel/convocation, which are identified by the Chaplain�s Office.  Twenty percent (20%) of a student�s attendance at chapel/convocations may be represented by these alternatives.  Students seeking alternative attendance should turn in an Alternative Chapel Card. 

7. Students not meeting chapel/convocation requirements.  Students who do not fulfill their chapel attendance requirements may be subject to the following actions, as determined by the Vice President of Student Development.   Failure to attend the required number of chapel/convocation services will result in a $10 fine for each missed service.  Students found to have falsified their chapel attendance, or to have participated in the falsification of the chapel attendance of another student, may face disciplinary consequences, including a $50.00 fine.  

Any issues regarding attendance must be resolved by the student with the Student Development Office before the last day of the semester. Students are responsible for tracking their progress in meeting their attendance requirement. 

NOTE: Students are responsible for tracking their progress in meeting their attendance requirement. Students may check their attendance records at and then click on Chapel Attendance Record.